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    Beginner Looking for my first DLSR

    I disagree quite strongly with that first bit. I have a D300, a D700 and D7100. Since I got a micro 4/3 for when I want something lightweight I have not used the D7100. If MP was important it would have been the D300 sitting in the drawer. Don't get me wrong, I would not have got this picture...
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    Another Goodwood MM75

    Thanks Dave! a few more..... 4. Mercedes2 by Toby, on Flickr 5. Cooper by Toby, on Flickr 6. DSC_8592-2 by Toby, on Flickr
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    Another Goodwood MM75

    My pics from the Goodwood Members meeting. An excellent event even if it was a bit cold and overcast most of the time but that didn't stop some great racing. I think I need a lot more practice with low shutter speed panning on my 300F4 (non VR) lens though.... :( Only a few pics for the moment...
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    Goodwood 75MM

    Nice shots, and I agree that the FIAT is an absolute beast! This year was my first time at the members meeting and I was very impressed. Not a cheap weekend but everything was very well managed and it was great to see some proper cars up close and being raced properly.
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    Burglars and human rights

    So what your suggesting is thieves should also be fair, reasonable people who uphold proper social values? :LOL:
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    I am confused, what has the file size got to do with the halos? They would be visible whatever the size posted and I am afraid I agree with others, spoil what are otherwise excellent photos otherwise.
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    Folling on from the Crufts German Shepherd thread

    By that I take it you mean I have no experience of a "real" GSD or seen one at a show? You are wrong. still, I have had my say and you don't appear to want to respond to the points I (or anyone else) made so I'll bow out of this thread now before things get too personal.
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    Folling on from the Crufts German Shepherd thread

    really? that is your best argument? Is that you spitting your dummy out? EDIT: Just to be clear I would love for someone to really explain why the majority of posters in this thread are wrong. So far the GSD league have done a pretty poor job of that imho.
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    Folling on from the Crufts German Shepherd thread

    breeding a dog with a bent back and restricted rear legs? (and, if others are to be believed, a very non GSD temperament) oh, and then allowing (even expecting) that look to be accentuated by the way it is handled as if it is a good thing. giving a dog 1st place when it is clearly a distortion...
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    Folling on from the Crufts German Shepherd thread

    Obviously it can be considered biased but I think this is a well thought out blog here..... Reading that and the GSD leagues response (and seeing videos of the dog) I know which one I agree with and I...
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    Canon or Nikon, which one?

    yeh, sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. Of course Nikon is better! :D
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    Canon or Nikon, which one?

    they are both good cameras so it will be down to personal preference. I'd go to a shop and have a play with both and buy the one that feels easiest to use. If you want to do video I think the canon might be easier to use (that is from my experience of comparing my daughters 700D and my D7100).
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    Crop or not?

    Oddly, I am the opposite. I think the 2nd one looks much cleaner and gives a good impression of space so I would leave it as is.
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    Don't you just love car insurance companies?

    I quite like it ;) Two scenarios: 1) Everyone gets the same price, whether they are new business (ie online quotes via or their own websites) or are existing business renewing. Nice and fair. What is not to like? 2) New business quotes are cheaper than normal as they want more...
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    PC Upstairs - with access downstairs through monitor and remote laptop

    something low powered but with a decent screen downstairs. Working on PC upstairs via VNC? Not tried vnc with a high res, high bit depth screen though.