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    A few Heli shots (R/C)

    Nice sharp images but prefer more action like shots to be honest.:) A couple of my better shots.:thumbs:
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    The Military in Action

    Superb examples.:)
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    Bloody Baby

    I love the shots, really different from the norm.:clap:
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    Bloody Baby

    Some of the context in this thread is one of the reasons I don't visit this place as much.:cuckoo: For christ's sake lighten up.:| Its a child dressed up in makeup, its halloween FFS. Believe it or not its not real blood.:bonk:
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    RC Heli Flying

    The £20 "toy" ones arnt worth bothering with. Cheap crap that don't last 2 minutes.:gag: The £1500 "toy" ones like mine are very expensive yes.:D
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    Video at the Mach Loop

    Fantastic footage Mark.:thumbs:
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    RC Heli Flying

    Cheesy. In order to fly at any BMFA (British Model Flying Association) affiliated club you need a certificate of at least a BMFA "A" standard acheavement unless you have supervision from an existing certificate holder... A bit like driving a car under supervision on "L" plates.:) You can...
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    RC Heli Flying

    Hi Andy. Not the Midlands but just out side Harrogate in Yorkshire.:) PS: I can do hurricanes.;)
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    RC Heli Flying

    As I said earlier. What you consider a toy I don't. Happy Christmas.:)
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    RC Heli Flying

    Hello Robert.:) Hope you are very well mate, Lots to catch up on.:wave:
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    RC Heli Flying

    Indoor contra's could well be classed as toys I agree because they can hit you and it wouldnt cause any damage.:) Could you say the same if a T-Rex 700 hit you fitted with 710mm carbon fibre blades rotating at 2000rpm..:geek: Sorry guy's we will have to agree to disagree on this subject.:|...
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    RC Heli Flying

    I beg to differ on the opinion that these machines are called toys matey and if you think any different you really shouldn't be flying them.;) Would you class a chainsaw as a toy.....:geek: these helicopters can do the same damage in the wrong hands.:gag: Was a good day Richard and glad...
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    Leeds Protests

    What nice friendly people Chris.:) I presume tea and biscuits were served for the togs.:)
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    War Weekend-Pickering-The Gals (pt2)

    Stunning set Les. Well done.:clap: