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    What and when was your first serious camera?

    EOS 5 in 1990? Cost me loads...and even more in developing film..used it for many years though got fed up with film and scanning to digital wasn’t very good. Had some expensive sigma glass which I really enjoyed using at the time. EOS 350D first go with digital, maybe 2006? Bit disappointing in...
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    Notice TP 52'ers challenge for 2019 Discussion thread Week 52 Out takes

    Missed several weeks and had to do a huge catch up. Sorry for not being around this last month. Some cracking shots you have all taken. Now the suns back out I'm hoping I'll have the camera with me more.
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    LC2's Cosplay & Railway Shoehorns for 2019 - COMPLETED - Week LII - Out Take

    Week XVIII - Crowd is a nice shot there. Always a good subject. id be happy taking that. Good job
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    Time - Great shot, good detail. Like the reflection.
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    Weekly -OY-'s Weekly 52 thingie for 2019 - Week 52 : Out-takes and Year 2 Complete

    Week 26 -Nice warm colours and I bet that warmed you up ! Overall colour of the shot goes well with the drink.
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    Weekly rpn's 2019 Project 52 Week 52 - OUT-TAKES Added and COMPLETED

    Week 25 - Glad your wife ok. Bubbles is a good abstract image. Week 26 - I really like the idea for drink, the colours , angles of glasses, lighting. All works really well Great shot.
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    Weekly GarethB's 52 challenge for 2019 - Week 51 & 52 - CHRISTMASSY & OUTTAKES - FINISHED!

    Week 22 - Fragile. Novel shoot. can't tell the focus issue you have, looks good to me (maybe my eyes not as good as yours!). like all the shots. Week 23 - Squashed :p Could do with that to quench the thirst with the last few days sun we have had. Nice set up, have done some paint splashes...
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    Weekly Chenti - 2019 52 Week Challenge - W26 - Drink

    Week 26 - Drink ( Could have been a candidate for Fragile with the morning after :-) )
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    Weekly Chenti - 2019 52 Week Challenge - W26 - Drink

    Week 25 - Full (Warehouse)
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    Weekly Chenti - 2019 52 Week Challenge - W26 - Drink

    Week 24 - Time (for a beer or 4)