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    My most viewed photo on Flickr yesterday......... Part 2

    10/08/2019 - Casa das Histórias Paula Rego by Chris Hart, on Flickr
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    Looking for a simple NAS (or similar) for home use

    I would also recommend the Synology range. I've had a DS212j for a number of years now. I've upgraded the disks a couple of time (currently 2x 4TB Seagate) and it has been no trouble whatsoever. It is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be really. I use mine for my SONOS music file...
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    Undecided Short city break - where?

    Prague is lovely. We also really enjoyed Madrid and Barcelona. Someone else mentioned Tarragona which I would agree with as we holidayed close by. It is a very long time since I visited Florence but I can still remember the queues...
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    Paris night-time walk about

    I've had the privilege of travelling to Paris dozens of times with my job in the last 22 years and I find it a unique vibrant city, rich with diversity in all senses of the word. Shamefully, I've never been on a social trip yet and your photo's make be especially guilty about not taking my wife...
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    Green Sheild bug

    Again, lovely shot but I tend to agree with the comment about the signature. One other minor observation, there are a couple of filaments emerging from the bugs back about half way up. One long, one short. I personally find them a bit distracting once I noticed them. Otherwise I love it.
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    So it really is time to ditch Adobe

    I believe it does. Not quite the same but I have a monthly photography plan subscription and I have finally got around to applying the 1 month free that came with the Loupedeck I bought. My Adobe account now says I'm paid up until July. So, I assume if you activate an 12 month subscription code...
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    How OCD are you about gear?

    Highly unlikely, it would have to be pretty substantial to cause any flare.
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    How OCD are you about gear?

    To address your first point about possible flare, glare or 'ghosties' I would direct you to this website. I have this bookmark saved for these very occasions. In short, while dust on your sensor (a AA filter to be more precise) will cause shadows when narrow apertures are used (because the light...
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    How OCD are you about gear?

    Take an out of focus shot at f/22 against a plain white background and tell us again if you have no spec's... On a slightly more serious note, I used to very OCD about the cleanliness of my gear. A slight dust mote on the focusing screen, or visible dust bunnies on images at apertures so narrow...
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    Lets see your best... reflections!

    Republic Street - Valletta by Chris Hart, on Flickr
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    Let's see your graffiti and street art shots

    29/10/2013 - Madrid by Chris Hart, on Flickr Prague, 2011/07/24 by Chris Hart, on Flickr Prague, 2011/07/24 by Chris Hart, on Flickr
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    Virgin BB - how to make it better?

    Virgin Broadband is, in my experience at least, very good. Rock solid, fast, and in my area doesn't seem to suffer too badly from contention. That said, the Wi-Fi provided by the standard Virgin Superhub (any version) is at best 'adequate'. The best solution in my opinion is to put the Superhub...
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    Padded camera "inlay" for hiking bag

    Have a look on Amazon, just search for "camera bag insert". There are a surprising number of solutions available. I got a one a couple of years ago to take protect my 5DmkIV when I carried it around in a standard messenger type bag, it was cheap and pretty good.
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    Roseberry Topping

    I don't know, it has a certain charm in the right light... 11/11/2017 - Roseberry Topping by Chris Hart, on Flickr Cracking views from the top too... 11/11/2017 - Roseberry Topping by Chris Hart, on Flickr
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    Capture a stranger street style : Part 2

    Fresh Fish - Marsalforn by Chris Hart, on Flickr Marsaxlokk by Chris Hart, on Flickr