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    East Anglia mablethorpe ,lincs info

    Seals are usually mid Nov to Dec / Jan ish
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    What pictures of yours do you have on your wall?

    We don't purchase any pictures, everything on our walls is shot by us and periodically changed for a new image.
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    Does anyone have a camera that's always with you?

    X100s always in the car
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    The geometry of shopping

    #1 is the pick of the bunch for me, great sky and grunge :)
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    Been thinking of adding an X100 to my little collection

    Agree with the above, I use mine quite a bit mainly landscapes and low light stuff, easy to carry in a pocket.
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    Well seen and shot / processed
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    Fox Cubs (4 months old)

    Image 2, 3 and 4 are superb, excellent DOF and composition
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    Airbus A400M Atlas

    Well captured, excellent sky and decent prop blur
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    Our Lady

    A slight change of position would have removed the vam
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    Nervous - back to basics

    Not daft at all, there loads of old film users doing it,
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    North England photo hides for wildlife

    Have you tried Google, quite a few come u
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    buying from Japan.?

    I've purchased lenses from Japan in the last few years, sellers tend to be cautious in their descriptions so if you read excellent, imo actually mint. I've only purchased boxed examples and the service has always been superb, expect plus 20% min for customs charges on top of the purchase price.
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    Views of Cambridge for the River Cam

    There all superb, but #3 just edges it for me, good balanced composition, lovely early morning light, a still-ish river and decent reflections
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    Recommended Zoos / Wildlife Parks

    I will second the vote for Chester Zoo, as suggested earlier in the thread, went a few years ago and its excelent
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    St Michaels Mount

    Superb !!