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    Rodinal instead of Ilfosol 3 - can I use Ilford Stop and Fixer?

    HC 110 is well-known to have a very, very long shelf life, even when opened. I've been using mine since about November 2018. I've taken the precaution of dropping marbles in to help exclude air, but after a couple of chats with other folk, I'm probably going to lose a fair amount of the syrup...
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    Complete newcomer - Olympus 35 RC bought.

    Open the back, fire off the shutter at all speeds from slowest to fastest while looking through camera at a window, listen as well. That should give a good idea if the shutter is working reasonably well. I WAS going to suggest the following, but there might be some risks in it... "Not sure if...
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    Buying used film gear from Europe?

    I guess you'd have as much of a warranty buying from EU as from any other 3rd country, that is... it depends! Best read any warranty small print very carefully. For servicing items, I believe you'd have to complete the same sort of paperwork as if you're exporting them. Much safer to buy from a...
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    Buying used film gear from Europe?

    I've had good results from Macodirect and FotoImpex, both based in Germany.
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    Buying used film gear from Europe?

    Mike, I think this answers my original question, at least to my satisfaction, particularly the second link about online marketplaces, which I think must refer to fleabay and the like. Looks like EU individual sellers don't get loaded up with much extra red tape, the marketplace does. But AFAICS...
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    Complete newcomer - Olympus 35 RC bought.

    BTW welcome to the mad, mad world of film photography, and the very best and most helpful bit of TP! Like others, I tend to get Filmdev to dev/scan my colour films (colour negative, aka C41, not colour slide/transparency, AKA E6). They also do XP2, which is an excellent, slightly contrasty but...
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    Complete newcomer - Olympus 35 RC bought.

    You could have a look at this thread: If you do, and notice anything dodgy, please let me know, I haven't updated it for a while. But old film cameras don't really change!
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    Aperture to Capture One... still trying

    Thanks for your thoughts on this, folks. I've been thinking a lot about the way to go forward. I think I need to stick with C1Pro for a while, until I either get it going to my satisfaction, or prove to myself that it's not for me. Stubborn like that! But I'll not upgrade until/unless I'm happy...
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    Kodak hint at some new film products

    OK I'll bite. What the heck is HIE?
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    Underwater housing for Sony A6000?

    I don' think he really quite knows what he'll be shooting, but it would be surface stuff I think, of his friends surfing, or the scenery from in the water, or sunrise/sunset etc. Certainly nothing deep. My feeling when we talked about this was that the 50mm end of the zoom on the APS-C sensor...
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    Copy stand

    You've probably sorted this Ben, but I'm not at all sure of that stand. 800gm includes camera and lens; I'd assume most serious cameras would come close to or over that limit, so it might be at the wobbly ed of its range. Plus it only appears to be a foot tall; reduce that by the length of the...
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    Underwater housing for Sony A6000?

    Happy New Year, folks! My son has hinted he'd quite like an underwater housing for his Sony A6000 (with the kit 16-50 lens). He goes surfing (North Sea, north coast of Scotland, Outer Hebrides etc, mad fool), so he's on the beach and in the water quite often, though I don't think he expects to...
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    Happy Christmas

    I drank my Glenmorangie when it was New Year in Europe, and went to bed! Happy New Year, everyone. May 2021 treat you better than 2020! Don't say it couldn't be worse, sadly it could... :(
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    Buying used film gear from Europe?

    Now that we're emerging from our 40+ years of confinement and can see the sunlit uplands ahead, free of red tape, I'm left wondering what happens if we buy used film gear (cameras, lenses, etc etc) from Europe? I understand we won't have to pay duty, but will we have to pay VAT? I saw that Paul...
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    Amazing, looks like some fun there, Asha. And when you're done it'll probably be worth more than you paid for it!