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    Show us yer film shots then!

    It took me hours and hours!
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    New Old Film Challenge #101 - Waves - Discussion

    The hunt makes it worth while, Gareth!
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    FILM Photographer of the Year 2019 - Discussion

    Mine is a non-existent fuzzy image of a fuzzy concept (literally)! It's so abstract, it only exists in my brain. I would have submitted it already, but I can't work out which of my pre-visualised concepts to pick!
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    FILM Photographer of the Year 2019 - Discussion

    Oh, Hell's Bells and Buckets of Blood! Just got through 38 frames of abstract shots before realising that (yet again) I didn't load the film properly! And by then the light had gone... :(
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    35mm enlarger

    I bought the Plustek first, and used it to scan thousands of slides and negatives from my early days in photography, BC (*). Now I scan my home-devved 135 b&w, and also 135 E6 if I ever shoot any. I then bought an Epson V500 when I got a large wooden box from my sister containing thousands of...
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    35mm enlarger

    That's the 8100 and the 8200i ("i" standing for infra-red channel, which the 8100 doesn't have). This is usuall followed by a couple of letters such as SE or AI that refer to which version of Silverfast is included. I have an older model, 7500i. I'm sure you can find these cheaper second hand...
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    Last time I looked in our local Boots they had the BOGOHP offer on. If interested, maybe worth taking 3 films to the till...
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    Help for someone selling quite a collection

    I used Ffordes to sell my Leitz Minolta CL and 40/2 lens; it was relatively quick and painless, except for the 25% commission (this was after offering on here, and then selling the lens on fleabay, to have it returned at my expense because the buyer claimed a tiny speck on the rear element...
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    Tetenal Closing Shop After 172 Years

    Yes, it appears they make European chemical products for Kodak and for Ilford... When the extent of their corporate customer base became clear, it looked ever more likely they would get the chemical part saved. It would have been a massive hit for film if not.
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    RE-re-washing negs

    If the streaks really are limescale deposits from hard water, will they wash off just with water without some sort of physical cleaning (whatever the film equivalent of a dishmop is!)?
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    Thoughts on the new Ffordes site?

    I'm just beginning to remember to look for that one, after fruitless hours (minutes, really) staring at uselessly blank screens that don't offer me options (not Ffordes, haven't looked at that yet!)
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    What Happens When You Die?

    Mark, what an extraordinary (and terrible) few years you've had. Thank you for those posts, they help put a lot of things in perspective for me. I'm so glad you appear to be coming out the other side, and I join everyone else here in wishing you very well in the future. And I hope you do find...
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    Chroma - Lasercut Acrylic 4x5 Field Camera

    Just been out for an hour or two with the Chroma, first outing after @stevelmx5 stiffened the spring and re-glued the base. This time I did remember how to close it up without tearing it apart! I'm still finding it a very difficult process. Getting the lens board in place is a major hassle...
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    Medium format or just 35mm?

    Simple for me, too. I've never been persuaded of the advantages of 120 over 135 for the type of shooting and subsequent use that I do. I would take one or both of the Pentaxes (Lx for colour, MX for black and white) and maybe 3 lenses, including the wonderful Vivitar 35-70 lens for walk-about...
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    New To Film: Olympus OM-1n