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    Mobile Photo Studio

    I do two types of photography with the portable studio. Events where I take and sell on the day which is usually an ad600 into a reflective or shoot through umbrella with an ad 200 as a light on the background if needed. I use a black 2.5m x 2m pop up backdrop which is fine for three or four...
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    Anyone here with Sky Broadband and Sky Talk (Phone)?

    Sky fibre max will give you the same speed as BT, they use the same line. I left sky because of the cost and went to Virgin, they were rubbish. As long as the service worked I got good speeds but it was very unreliable, it was down for ten days over christmas last year but they did credit my...
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    Collapsible background

    Any good?
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    Critique 100 Strangers Portraits #14 & #15 OCF

    Looking good. The second one for me as there is just a touch of light showing through her hair.
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    I would have liked to see this in colour especially with the neck tattoos.
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    Undecided POLL : photo meets

    Most of the meets seem to be landscape type stuff which doesn't interest me at all. I like meeting other photographers and chatting to folks. I do attend meets with other photographers, usually events or people photography ( not organised by tp though).
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    Recommend me Bags for studio strobes

    I use hard cases with foam inserts. They fit two smartflash heads with cables and triggers or an ad600 with remote head, triggers etc.
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    Info MEGGA meet 2017 ( + poll )

    Will help if I can
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    Would you use a 35mm prime on full frame for full body portraits?

    Probably no more than eight feet.
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    Would you use a 35mm prime on full frame for full body portraits?

    I would use the 35 over the 50 every time, I sold my 50 because I prefer the look of the 35. But that's just me. I was using the 35 in a tight spaced studio just before Christmas (photo in my Flickr if you're interested) but only because it gave me what I wanted rather than because I had too, I...
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    Critique Lili - [Stranger 206] OCF

    I like it as it is, it's more dramatic than your usual style and looks to suit the subject.
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    My Niece's helping me develop my photography

    First one and last two are very nice, the second one is almost there. The light could be a little closer to the axis of the camera although I do like the pose.
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    Steampunk studio event

    Thanks Simon, I actually shot #6 with black and white as my intention but I prefer it as a colour image :D
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    Southend Urban Shoot

    Some nice images there, I like the second and the last. It's a pity about the squinting but I'm sure you'll look out for that in the future
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    Critique Kate - [Stranger 204] OCF

    Nice one, more like your usual style. When I saw this elsewhere I wondered if you gone back to natural light or just used a touch of fill flash. When using fill flash outdoors myself I usually hand hold the flashgun either bare or with a flashbender attached, it's quick, easy and doesn't take...