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    Dust in lens! Worry or not?

    Yep- annoys me knowing it’s there Yes this is a concern as I will likely be selling in a couple of months (hopefully if I part exchange I might not lose out)
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    Dust in lens! Worry or not?

    Just cleaning my Voightlander 40mm 1.2 and noticed a large speck of dust insidespeck of Cant see it in photos so is it anything to worry about?
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    Anyone have an Argos Deluxe Gas BBQ?

    Got a gas and a charcoal Weber. The charcoal gets most use and it’s up and running in 15 mins if you use a chimney starter. Gas one is used for quick stuff like burgers for tea etc. Both have rotisseries for chicken and joints of meat. The charcoal one also gets used for long and slow brisket...
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    Amazon - are they S**t

    Nothing wrong with Amazon, occasionally things may go wrong but they do with all companies. Prime member for last 5 years, very few issues that I can think of.
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    Panamoz - am I right to be concerned about my order?

    aren’t Panamoz using PayPal as a traditional payment processor which means section 75 does apply? Trying to find something definitive but it’s not easy! edit- found this but don’t know if it applies “However, if you use your credit card to pay for something through PayPal and the funds go direct...
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    Panamoz - am I right to be concerned about my order?

    Just because they use PayPal to handle your credit card payment doesn’t mean you lose the credit card protection.
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    BT Mesh replacement

    Was going to say the same, if the OP hasn’t done, the Wi-Fi on the router needs turning off. We have three disks and no issues whatsoever
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    Back to the gym

    Not been for a year and moved house so need to join a gym near me. Going to look at one next week. No issues with going anymore given most of any at risk have had the jab and very little of it about anymore anyway. I wouldn’t be joining if masks had to be worn though.
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    Is Travelodge self contained?

    Is it a work or leisure related stay. Loads of hotels open for people who need them for work or essential reasons....and no they aren’t ”self contained”
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    So Who’s Going to the Shops Today?

    DIY stores have never been closed and outside of school holidays and weekends have been nice and quiet
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    So Who’s Going to the Shops Today?

    Going to the shops on Wednesday, table booked at a restaurant for lunch and pub table booked on Friday lunch.
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    Quality non stick frying pan?

    I think for non stick it’s better to buy the cheapest one and chuck it away when it loses the non stick.
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    London Camera Exchange Moves to Employee Ownership

    Two in Southampton and decent service too.
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    SkyQ Remote and Sound Bar

    Yes, mine controls a Yamaha sound bar with a Sony tv
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    Anyone had a vaccine Jab?

    Agree and even rarer for a 30 year old to need to go to hospital, let alone be on oxygen