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    Canon 7D upgrade... £500 - £600 budget

    I think you want the 80d.
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    What's happened to Flickr?

    For a paid service it's a bit of a joke. Search malfunctions. Crashing at random. Extremely slow loading. One has to wonder how much we should tolerate.
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    70d/100-400L Am I expecting too much?

    Looks like my post processing needs work!
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    70d/100-400L Am I expecting too much?

    Thanks for the quick replies, that's a nice little PP you've done there Box Brownie, looks nice and sharp! I'm not sure how I can attach a large file here but thanks to rob for linking to the thread above and the photo is here Duxford Air Festival 2019 by Dan J, on Flickr
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    Duxford Air Festival 2019 (Sunday)

    Hi all, a great show at Duxford on the Sunday despite the weather and lack of warbirds! I actually wasn't keen on going but the partner twisted my arm and it turned out ok. Anyway, here's a select few from my first time using my new 70d/100-400L combo. Not too blown away by the 100-400...
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    70d/100-400L Am I expecting too much?

    Hi all, I have a completely new to me combo this year which I thought would be ideal for airshows and motorsports. After my first proper outing at Dux on Sunday, i'm not sure if i'm getting the results I should from this combo. Granted light and conditions were pretty poor to put it mildly, but...
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    Canon 70d disappointment

    Never had any problems with mpb, and they were very helpful with my exchange. The second one seems to be working perfectly, no focus or oof issues, but the real test will be airshows :) No problems whatsoever on a little walk out with it. That said the 5d classic i've bought to go alongside it...
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    PM631 Spitfire - RAF Coningsby

    Yes! Great stuff, can't wait to see it for myself!
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    Is DSLR about to die off?

    No need for silly back and forths on an otherwise interesting discussion. I'd be interested in trying a ML option for airshows and motorsports. Are they really up to it these days?
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    Canon 70d disappointment

    Well this seems to be working much more as a high end camera should! Fingers crossed for a proper outdoors test on Thursday!
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    Canon 70d disappointment

    Here is just one thread online for those interested I'm glad to hear some positive thoughts on the 70d. That's what I was hoping for really I think when I started this discussion. They can't all be broken can they? I had considered...
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    Canon 70d disappointment

    Ooh just won a great deal on a 5d classic on ebay too which i'll be picking up tomorrow! Always wanted one so this is the perfect time to play around with one.
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    Canon 70d disappointment

    In hindsight i wish I'd kept my 6d and just bought a second aps-c body for airshows and motorsports - 50d's look like a real bargain at the moment. I basically wanted an aps-c with fast fps and more advanced AF, the only two areas that let down the 6d IMO. Still waiting for MPB to despatch my...
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    Canon 70d disappointment

    Well i've decided to take a chance on another 70d, if the next one has issues (and i will be testing thoroughly) then it will be going back and i'll have to consider my options. I hope I am proven wrong about the 70d.
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    Photography holiday: where to go?

    Nevermind I've just finished reading the thread! haha