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    Barn Owl

    That is lovely, Steve.
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    A Couple of Kingfishers

    #1 for me, Kevin. Nicely done.
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    Wild Adder

    I remember when I first started looking for these interesting reptiles years ago, I was expecting something fairy large and eye-catching. Of course I was wrong and failed miserably. Then I volunteered for Natural England. Through working with experts and surveying, I learnt a fair bit about...
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    Wild Pie material?

    The feral pigeons are looking increasing delicious interesting in these days of isolation. But if the supermarkets start running out of food....
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    Wild Blue Jeans

    Also known as Strawberry Poison Dart Frog because some are uniformly red in colour. This 'Blue Jeans' morph individual was photographed in Costa Rica.
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    Wild Life's a beach

    Common seal at sunset.
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    Wild Rainforest macro II

    One of the few occasions where I was able to identify a rainforest invert. I believe this is Chitaura brachyptera, a small but colourful grasshopper. Photographed in Sulawesi.
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    Wild Man of the Forest (+2)

    Here's a wider view showing a Bornean Orang-utan swinging carefree in its natural habitat. It's actually much harder to capture a wide-angle shot like this than a traditional telephoto image, both technically and conceptually.
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    Wild Man of the Forest (+2)

    Seen him more than a couple of occasions, a curious chap.
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    Wild Proboscis Monkey

    She's not low down - this was photographed from the top deck of our boathouse, southern Borneo. No, we can hold our drinks reasonably well. :beer:
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    Wild Proboscis Monkey

    One of the endemic primates we often come across in Borneo, is the Proboscis Monkey. Agile climbers and can jump considerable distance high up between trees.
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    Wild Little Blue Eyes

    One of my earlier projects which lasted about 6 weeks. This den was in the woods behind my house. So it was really convenient. I could and did spend a lot of time with them, Sometimes I sat with my then six year old daughter watching them in the evenings. Fond memories. Though getting her to sit...
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    Wild Rainforest macro

    Often, I come across many species of invertebrates that I'm unable to identify, like this caterpillar for example. Rainforest carries so many secrets.
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    Wild Man of the Forest (+2)

    Another shot from this remote part of Indonesian Borneo. It's not often that you see these aboreal primates near water but I do see them forage for Nipa Palm hearts when the fruit trees are not in season.
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    Wild Man of the Forest (+2)

    Many congratulations, Alastair. For a honeymoon, I'd recommend visiting the Malaysian state of Sabah (northeast of the island). Great established infrastructure and lots to do and see. Most can be done in sandals and shorts, including platforms designed for viewing rehabilitated Orang-utans...