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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    Hi everyone. Not been on here for ages but I've rediscovered my interest in photography during assorted recent lockdowns. Anyhoo, started with m43 back with the excellent GF1 (still got), eventually replaced it with a GX80 but managed to break that last autumn so replaced it with a G90. Really...
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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    Hi. There were about 150 deciding factors £££ :-) From what could make out, there's little to choose between them so went for the cheapest.
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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    Just taken delivery of the Oly 75-300 for my GX80. Pleased with it so far... Lesser redpoll: Siskin:
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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    Evening all. Not been on the site for years, but had been plugging away with my GF1 quite happily. Finally retired it a couple of weeks ago and replaced it with a GX80 (like a GF1 with a viewfinder and a spirit level innit!?). Dead pleased with it and, like the GF1 before it, it should be the...
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    Snowdon in Springtime

    Brilliant conditions for April meant a fine wander up the Pyg track and back down the Miner's. All pics taken on a Panasonic GF1 + 14mm & polariser.
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    I (didnt) Won Charlie Waites Landscape Photographer of the Year 2012 LPOTY

    That's the trouble with photography - too many prissy 'artists' with fragile egos thinking they're more special than everyone else. Congrats on the win Dave. Well deserved - stunning pics.
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    Llyn Trawsfynydd

    Yup, number 1's a doozy!
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    Misty Morning

    All very pleasing on the eye, with 2 & 3 particularly so.
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    Red Sea Sunset

    Love it, dark edges an' all.
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    Šar Planina, Macedonia

    Thanks all. Number 5 raised a smile:
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    Šar Planina, Macedonia

    Recently back from a fab fortnight in Macedonia. Managed a few walks in the mountains, including this jaunt to the 9012ft summit of Titov Vrv in the Šar Planina range. Anyone interested can read about our adventures here: Wulfrunian blog. Ta for looking. 1. Toiling up Ceripašina 2. The...
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    Snowdonia - up the Glyders...again

    Thanks for the comments
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    Dawn's Reflection

    Proper lush that is. Da iawn.
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    More abstract landscapes

    Top one's lovely. Finding the second not quite abstract enough....