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    RIAT Nightshoot

    Great set, really like the first one, well done!
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    RIAT 2017 Saturday

    awful weather wasn't it?i love the Thunderbirds shot, great timing
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    R.I.A.T saturday

    just a few from saturday, the weather was certainly against us so the backgrounds are not great, roll on next year though! IMGL0073 by flying giraffe, on Flickr IMGL0096 by flying giraffe, on Flickr IMGL0321 by flying giraffe, on Flickr IMGL0532 by flying giraffe, on Flickr IMGL0763 by...
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    Answered Daily Picks notifications!!!!

    im getting these too, any idea how to stop them?
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    the olympic jumbo

    thanks, i may yet do that with a new sky, thanks for the idea John.
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    the olympic jumbo

    went to Heathrow Monday, then spent an hour trying to find a good position, then the second one to come by after was this one, im hoping they only painted one plane with a gold nose so i actually got the Olympic plane, anyone know?
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    Wild Red Kite

    beautiful shot!
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    Airscene 2016 Airshow Calendar Competition

    any other winners from here? i got 8th placed with my Blenheim, i thought it was the weaker of my 2 shots, and only;y put it in because your allowed 2 entries, thanks airscene for a great competition!
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    2015 or 1955? its been a good year for photographinga steamy past

    truly great shots, the Scottish sunset with some cropping would make a great panoramic canvas
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    Combine Harvester

    love the last one, well done
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    yes its a real shame, the pictures are nothing special i know, but its just a a special plane, we will miss her thats for sure
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    just a few more of this amazing plane, lets enjoy her while we can! IMGL4710 by flying giraffe, on Flickr IMGL4891 by flying giraffe, on Flickr IMGL4556 by flying giraffe, on Flickr IMGL4709 by flying giraffe, on Flickr
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    more R.i.a.t

    Thanks, I gave the first one a bit of her to bring the sky out a bit, I think it works ok