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    Wet Wales !

    Absolutely fabulous photographs - the perfect summary of autumn in Snowdonia - great work.
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    Lenovo Creator 7i Laptop

    I believe that when IBM withdrew from selling their own brand laptops Lenovo took over and continued to manufacture them. The build quality was always very high, keyboards that could tolerate continuous use on a business environment etc. I used Lenovo laptops for work over many years and...
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    Eilean Donan Castle

    Your time spent driving wasn't wasted - an excellent photograph. I can almost feel the cold air rolling in over the water.
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    Critique Saltburn by the Sea

    I keep coming back to this collection, I love night shots and this you have taken some fabulous photographs in this set - excellent work.
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    Critique The SHED (crit and an extra favour from TP members required)

    An excellent "shed", looks like a great place to spend a few hours. All it needs is an electric guitar and amp to go with the acoustic. Vote cast.
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    The Fallen

    The perfect definition of autumn colours - a lovely photograph
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    Otters in Shetland (pics added 18/07/2020)

    The thread that keeps on giving! Excellent photographs John - brightened a grey day.
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    Unlimited Wild Art

    Some lovely autumn colours there Ken - the amber traffic light with the gold leaves behind is a great contrast between nature and man-made. I always enjoy your updates to this series - thanks for posting. Chris
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    Manchester - travel pics

    This has been a fascinating, informative and entertaining documentary of Manchester, I have really enjoyed the results of your work. Liverpool is a fascinating place, lots of history, not all of it is something to be proud of but the city is a great place to visit with a very welcoming feel...
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    Beach Huts

    That's a great change to the usual beach hut shot - good work
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    Manchester - travel pics

    Keep on walking - it's a great series and I enjoy each update - reminds me of my younger days as a computer engineer spending more time I than I wanted to in Manchester
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    Manchester - travel pics

    The fascinating exploration continues - thank you for sharing these images.
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    Unlimited Wild Art

    Really like these city shots, a good contrast to some of your other work in the series - the new camera is serving you well.
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    Manchester - travel pics

    I'm still enjoying this documentary thread - thanks for the updates. It's very interesting to see the contrast in styles of Manchester
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    Lightning over the Vale of Ffestiniog

    Absolutely superb photographs, well done for making the effort to get out and take pictures rather than watching from home.