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    Canon 1D X Mk II Owners Thread

    Had a similar fault on my first 1DX MKII that only happened with my then new 500 f4 MKII that turned out to be a main board breaking down under load.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Many thanks for the reply George and hope your better soon buddy.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Hi George and wondered why you prefer the X-T2 over the X-T3. Have only heard good things about the advance in A/F performance over the X-T2 along with the viewfinder lag that edged me back over to Canon for another season. Still not had hands on with an X-T3 but would love to hear your...
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    Changing from Canon 5DIV to Fuji XT-3 or Sony A7III

    Still shooting on a 1DX MKII but have had both Fuji X-T2 and Sony A7III with the Sony being used on adapted glass mainly other than a couple of weekends hire of a 70-200. Hard to pick between the Fuji and Sony in all honesty although the biggest bit i would say is cost of Sony glass and size...
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    Left-handed sports' photographers

    Never had a problem being left handed but do find its a pain being left eye dominant.Smeary nose print on LCD and in motorsport you totally loose any peripheral vision of bikes and cars flying off track.
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    Donington no longer photographer friendly.

    Believe me its no different now media side at most tracks,most areas are now red zones for us all or you are only aloud to transit through them between sessions.
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    Canon 1D X Mk II Owners Thread

    Never really had a problem that the blower wouldnt solve on my X-T2 or Sony A7III to be honest or at least not as much as i have had with oil spots from the mirror assembly lubricant on the 1DX MKII.
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    Canon 1D X Mk II Owners Thread

    As Bob said we all had to start out with the same feeling of dread at cleaning the sensor and all have read the horror stories. I always try and minimize the risks so try to not change lenses in harsh conditions if possible etc. I still carry a small brush to get rid of any dust from around...
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    Canon 1D X Mk II Owners Thread

    Have used Eclipse fluid and sensor swabs to carry out wet cleans now for years and so far never had a problem to be honest. Another very good purchase was a visible dust sensor loup although i also have the arctic butterfly kit along with the Dust-Aid Platinum sensor cleaning kit which is great...
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    Canon 1D X Mk II Owners Thread

    Im on my third body now but for other issues than the amount of crud on the sensor but can say its the first one series camera i have had that needed a sensor swab after every single race day rather than every other weekend although i cant remember any of mine being as bad as that looks in all...
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    British GT 2019 so far

    Love 3 and 7 buddy (y)
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    Silverstone Blancpain and British GT

    Great set indeed, love the colors.
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    Oulton Park BTCC 2019

    Love those pans,great set (y)
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    Isle of Man TT 2019

    Very nice indeed,only thing i would add and something that i need to do myself after many years of motorsport photography is capturing the atmosphere and scenery in your shots. People and scenery play a massive part in telling a story in motorsport but many of us still stick to getting as close...
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    Second hand lenses?

    Actually had a friend buy a 200-400 with the 1.4tc built in from a well known second hand retailer who took it for service at Canon only to find out it was a pre production model that had been stolen two years earlier from the London fashion show. Canon notified him that it was stolen and...