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    Canon 7D mk2 owners thread.

    Mine works fine as it is, so won't be applying this update.
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    Trouble with 400mm lens focusing on sea birds

    For small distant targets like that, I would suggest single central focus point, AI Servo and probably spot metering. I would probably use Tv mode at 1/800s and let ISO take care of itself. That's probably it. Success rate will be pretty low anyway, but useful record shots are likely. Good luck.
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    Goldcrest on a Cotoneaster

    Wow! Got some pop going on there. Really nice capture.
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    What was the last gig you went to?

    Cool. Saw them about ten-years ago in Hamburg. Excellent live performance.
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    Wild Wild Mink

    Good capture of an amazing animal that unfortunately doesn't belong in the UK habitat. Since arriving here (either escaping or being released from fur-farms) they have decimated the water vole population.
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    Machloop - Mixed bag

    Nice shots, it's always been a bit quiet when I've been there. Must try again. I would have thought that gliders should not be in an active LFA?
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    ATX to ITX my new found love

    I had a Shuttle PC years ago and liked it a lot. Had it for quite a while too, maybe ten-years or so.
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    Canon 90d

    As long as the weather sealing is decent, yes it does look pretty darn good. The missus has an 80D and that is already a very capable camera, although I do prefer (have got more used to) the controls on my 7DII.
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    Beginner Is Canon EOS 60D a 4k camera?

    Thanks, my bad.
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    Beginner Is Canon EOS 60D a 4k camera?

    Looks like at present, the EOS 250D, 5D mkiv and 1DX mkii are the only Canon DSLR with 4K video. They also have 3 EOS M mirrorless bodies with 4K video, including the EOS M50
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    Lizzy Gadd on Skye

    Well I liked her work, not easy to get such great images and make it look so simple. Thanks for sharing. And not an Arnold Clarke hire car in sight...
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    Canon 90d

    And Pentax were doing it a while back too, 2006 I think..
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    How old is your computer?

    Late 2012 iMac 27 on MacOS Mojave
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    Canon 80d vs Nikon D7200