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    First for many years

    I too would hope not. But thanks for the suggestion, I put some out yesterday evening and by this morning it had all gone. Whether it was the hedgehog, hope so, or some other 4 legged creature who knows or possibly a wood pigeon. I've read somewhere to put down some sand near the food then study...
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    Pic(s) you took today - an open thread

    Had a walk in Arley, Cheshire this morning, saw these strange coloured sheep. Does anyone recognise the breed? Would like to know. Thanks. Pentax K3 + Sigma 18-250 Howard
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    First for many years

    Great excitement earlier on - this was in the garden. Surprised really as it was still light(ish). My wet knees was a reasonable price to pay!! As title says we haven't had one here for several years. Pentax K3 + Sigma 18-250. Howard
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    Stairs - an open thread

    Where do I put this? Here or in "windows and doors". Tabley House, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire Canon IXUS80 Howard
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    Bridges - An open thread

    Ponte Sant'Angelo from the top of Castle San'Angelo taken 18 years ago, found the print this afternoon whilst searching for something else. probably taken with a Pentax P30N. Howard
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    A pink boat

    Thanks. My good lady wife says it is more of a purple than a pink colour. Whatever, it was very bright and I suppose could be spotted approaching even in the rain. Which I imagine is the reason for painting it that colour. Here's a less glarey blue boat from the same visit Note to self -...
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    Stairs - an open thread

    McKenzie steps, Newry Beach, Holyhead, North Wales. Howard
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    A pink boat

    Hi, in what way? Colour? Or an awful image? Howard
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    A pink boat

    Newry Beach, Holyhead. Used by the sailing club to ferry people out to their yachts in the harbour. Pentax K3 + Sigma 18-250 Howard
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    Local fowl

    A polish frizzle and a male runner duck Howard
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    One of my favourite beaches from my childhood, and still is when we visit Holyhead. Howard
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    Fly Agaric

    Nice one. Haven't seen any so far this year. Howard
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    Not looking forward to Christmas

    Hi everybody, Saw the turkey and his mate again today but I didn't have my camera with me. They are both upset at the way you've been talking about them!!!!!!!!!! Howard
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    Stairs - an open thread

    Gone to pot!!!