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    What's the size of a full stop?

    Very impressive shots there Paul and at their size not that easy either. Now is the time we get the Red mites everywhere, when I go out for my relaxation photography I come back and my shoes/socks and feet are red from them, No idea if this is the same but hey.
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    Skippers...both Grizzled and Dingy.

    A great set to come back too, I really like the BG`s on these shots, nice and dreamy :)
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    griffon vulture I would think. I`m in the Southeast of France and have these flying out wild, awesome when they fly 5 metres above your head, that gives you the sense of size. And this is a very sharp shot, Lovely.
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    Cabbage White, in flight.

    Great shot and not a easy one.
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    Nikon Z* mirrorless

    Hi, If your talking about the program update will it not be somewhere like here, top left of screen like in my screen shot. Could be under "Help" TBH I got no idea about adobe as I don`t use it.
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    Deathly Embrace

    Nice shot (y)
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    Pearl-bordered Fritillaries

    Some great shots there and you are lucky to see them, I am in the Southeast of France and have not seen any yet except QOS and Glanvilles but if I move area I do see Knapweed or Spotted fritillaries. I guess in the UK you have that cooler airstream for the moment that helps keep the Butterflies...
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    Random images within Snowdonia from the past few weeks

    From 2 onwards they are really nice.
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    Nikon Z* mirrorless

    Here`s some from this mornings little walkabout, I decided enough insects for the week so I would have a walk along the coast. Something a little different from me. Z6 and Tamron 70-200 G2 and a 10 stop filters. Rocks fade out by Provence Photography 83, on Flickr Rocks colour by Provence...
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    Nikon Z* mirrorless

    Google is your friend :cool:
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    Welsh Seascapes

    As said 1 is fab, lovely colours. I am a bit surprised that you allowed your horizons to be off in No. 1 & 3, maybe some Lens correction or just horizon correction.
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    Nikon Z* mirrorless

    Hi, I have one although I don`t remember where/who I bought it from except it was from evilbay but look on there and search corded camera hand straps, ther are a few. Jackthehat is one shop that has them and has been about sometime.
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    Nikon Z* mirrorless

    You`re welcome
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    Nikon Z* mirrorless

    I got one that also reads SD cards (Bottom slot)【Upgraded-Version】-Cateck-support-Card-Compatible/dp/B07W1WN2Q7/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=qxd+card+reader&qid=1619513004&sr=8-5 Also...