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    Gritty 52 Challenge For 2020.

    Hi Dave, Thank you. Timing was just down to luck truth be told, my other half got soaked as it took us several attempts. I suspended it with garden twine from the guttering on our summerhouse. I attached a sewing needle to a cane and then we counted 1,2,3 prick :-) I used natural light 50mm...
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    Weekly Leebert's 52 for 2020. Week 20 - something old.

    WOW she is a good age. Beautifully captured, I would pop that photo on a canvas if she was mine.
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    Weekly rpn's 2020 52 Photo Challenge - Week 21 LIQUID Added

    Hi Stan, I love the dramatic yet eerie feel in image 1, the reflection is beautifully captured. I like image 2 especially with the tree balancing out the image, but image 1 is my choice.
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    I bought ordinary balloons form the supermarket and held them on my outside tap until like you say they wont hold their own weight, tied a knot in the top and suspended mine on garden twine hanging from the guttering on my summerhouse. I found through trial and error that it does depend on...
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    Gritty 52 Challenge For 2020.

    Week 21 Liquid Well once again I was spoilt for choice, I have had a few days off so headed out for some fun in the garden as the weather has been so hot. So with a pack of balloons and a bubble gun here is the choices.
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    Gritty 52 Challenge For 2020.

    Week 20 - Something Old With B&W Technique We found this beautiful set of scales when clearing out my late father in laws house, we sadly never got the chance to ask him where he got them from..... I felt they were suitable to be edited in the B&W technique.
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    Gritty 52 Challenge For 2020.

    Once Again Find Myself Catching Up. Week 19 - Colour (ful) I took an early walk on the beach at low tide with my trusty 4 legged friend and these buoys were catching the morning light and caught my eye. The next day I wanted to use some softboxes I have been lent to do some creative...
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    I took this one and used a needle tied onto a stick and got my other half to pierce the balloon directly from below. Timing is key, and someone who is prepared to get wet. I used natural light 50mm 1:4 @f1:4, ISO 100, 1/6400 in manual mode.
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    The 52 Weeks of Daysleeping 2020 (Week 19: COLOUR)

    Hi Fi, I love the way your characters are evolving :) this is a brilliant little shot.
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    Beautifully captured shot, I would love to know where he thoughts are.... and her beautiful companion is patiently sat beside her. B&W suits this composition, colour would not have given it the same feeling.
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    Weekly TomD13’s 52 challenge (2020) - Week 18: Music

    Stunning composition the shallow DOF with the music in the background really makes it. This is my favourite shot you have submitted so far.
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    Gritty 52 Challenge For 2020.

    Cheers Clive, Thank you for the feedback hope your keeping yourself safe in isolation.