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    Nikon Z6 and Z7 mirrorless

    Would it be worth investing in a used Z6 now seeing as the newer model is out for doing some video? I own a D5, D850 and D500 but from what I’ve seen the Z6 seems pretty good for video and it’ll be cool trying a different system to see how it compares to my DSLR’s
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    Nikon 70-200 FL

    It’ll be used for motorsport mainly so being faster helps. Yeah the VR2 is a capable lens but knowing there’s better out there is why we upgrade isn’t it?
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    Nikon 70-200 FL

    I currently have the VR2 and have a nagging itch to “upgrade” to the FL and thought I’d ask the many owners on here who have changed and wondering what they found with the newer FL. Does the lens perform much better, faster etc or is the hike in price barely worth it? I’d be interested here what...
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    Nikon 500mm PF

    My 500PF has landed now so looking forward to giving it a whirl this weekend and then comparing the results with my 500mm f4 VR. Happy days.
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    Airgun target shooting.

    I used to shoot 10M air rifle and pistol in the 80’s along with lots of small bore and full bore rifles and pistols. Even achieved international success too and loved the sport. Sadly the days of lots of gun clubs have gone but there’s still a small number thankfully still running. Here’s my...
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    Pedal Power Thread

    I always like to see cycling threads on non-cycling forums as it shows how popular riding is. I rarely post anything as it’s a bit like a bus mans holiday as I work in the trade for a company called BETD Components and we manufacture gear mech hangers mostly but we also do lots of other parts...
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    Nikon 500mm PF

    I have a local county park right on my doorstep and I’m always walking my dogs carrying a camera with me and I have carried my 300mm f2.8 VR a number of times but it’s a bit awkward sometimes as the dogs have to be on leads. So even though I own a 500mm f4 VR I’m considering a 500mm PF as a...
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    Which is best Nikon 105 micro or Tamron 90mm macro.

    If you do a Google search of the reviews for macro lenses at this focal point you’ll find the Sigma does indeed come out on top which is why I purchased one over the Nikon VR and I’ve been very happy with it too. Plus as mentioned it’s considerably cheaper than the Nikon lens.
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    Nikon D3s + D4 - Still worth it?

    Either the D3s or D4 will work in any conditions and are built to last. I was very very lucky to get a high mileage D4s for less than your budget and it’s in fantastic condition. That said it’s a back up to my D850 AND most importantly my D500 which I think you should seriously consider over...
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    Refurbished D4s

    I bought a great condition high mileage off LCE a couple of months back for £699. Even with a new replacement shutter it was a steal. I'd be looking at private sales for a D5 for just a little more as I think that price for a D4s is high.
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    Nikon D810 - hopeless AF performance

    Sounds like there’s a serious issue with the camera as my D810 was nothing like that. Silly question but are you using genuine Nikon batteries? I would definitely do some test images with different lenses and then if it’s still not right send it back. The D810 isn’t that bad which begs the...
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    300mm f2.8 and 500mm f4 or just a 400mm f2.8?

    I own both the Nikon AF-S 300mm f2.8 VR and AF-S 500mm f4 VR and I've seen a couple of 400mm f2.8 FL's for sale which got me thinking. Should I trade in both for the 400mm or keep the 300mm and get the 400mm or leave it? Where I live I'm lucky enough to walk round with the 300mm taking wildlife...
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    Where does the D850 take its power from first

    If you buy the BL-5 Grip End Cap and get a EN-18 battery you can then get the full beans 9fps and quicker focussing if you set the camera to use the grip first. The battery in the body will then be the back up when the grip battery is exhausted.
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    New D850 question

    I’m running my D850 with the BL-5 Battery End Plate and a EN-18 battery and this way you get the full 9fps instead of 7fps with the single EN-15. Worth the extra cost in my opinion.
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    Overnight Carrier.

    We must get a better service being a business then. We use Royal Mails Click And Drop service for our business.