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    Lightroom after Aperture - aaargh

    I have a CC subscription as it makes sense from a cash flow perspective for my business - the expense is annualised and goes out as a direct expense not a capital purchase with depreciation. Also - it means I always get the latest software I use daily (InDesign, Illustrator etc) and it works out...
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    Lightroom after Aperture - aaargh

    Thanks everyone. I think for now I will start by getting used to it with new images and keep my current Aperture library for old images and work on migrating at another time. One battle is enough!!
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    Lightroom after Aperture - aaargh

    With Apple announcing the end of development and (eventually) support of Aperture I decided it was time to take advantage of my Creative Cloud subscription and start using Lightroom instead. After importing my latest batch of photos (which I think I did right - using a folder to store photos...
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    Photography Body Subscription Hassles

    When you clicked the 'pay' button with PayPal there would have been a notice about recurring payments. PayPal have that on their payment scheme for all recurring payments. You can raise it with them but unless you can show that there was some error either with the vendor (the institute) or...
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    Photographing children at a public event

    As has been said on private property, it's their rules and how they choose to apply child protection policies. When our adopted son first came to live with us under shared responsibility and a protection order the local nursery had a policy of not allowing parents to photograph during a...
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    Gear snobbery from regular professionals (vs big names)

    I guess my point in the OP is that some professionals I come across locally don't seem to be able to accept that professional results are possible from anything other than their beloved FF Canon/Nikon gear, and I was wondering why they thought that way.
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    Gear snobbery from regular professionals (vs big names)

    And yet, even if they are given stuff, they still turn out cracking images from this kit which justifies their arguments about why they like it - and this still doesn't explain why these guys can turn out top notch images from equipment that other people isn't up to the standard required by...
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    Gear snobbery from regular professionals (vs big names)

    I just wanted to ask people about something I've noticed. When I look at the gear advice on forums and talk to local professional photographers there is an insistence on full-frame DSLR and associated lenses as essential tools for any professional. Then, I read some of the big high-profile...
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    Using a Panasonic G5 for product photography

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah - I would love to justify an upgrade with the significant other, but I suppose I need to be realistic! It is mainly web shots, although one of her associates I'm doing some photography for wants some 'products in context' type shots for use on print publicity - but I...
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    Using a Panasonic G5 for product photography

    My amateur published photography experience has pretty much been confined to some local online news and blog stuff, as well as doing product shots for my wife's shop. Ive been asked to do some more product photography for a few local craft outlets and wanted a bit of advice. I have a Panasonic...
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    B&W Covent Garden - appreciate critique of photography and PP

    Further to my thread last week here is a set of the Covent Garden pics. I would appreciate any critique of both the photography (composition, exposure etc) and the PP conversion to mono. Thanks! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Beginner Portraits - 1st time. Have two lights - any help appreciated.

    OK - I want to start doing some portraits (starting with family and friends obviously!). I have a black and a white background, one of those reflectors that can be white, gold or silver, and two continuous lights with lit-through umbrellas. Any advice or links to using such a set-up would be...
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    Street shot Covent Garden - colour or B & W?

    Yep - as I said, apart from the conversion I haven't touched them yet. Thanks for all the feedback - this I will do a bit of processing on the mono and see how it looks.