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    Toxicity in Photography communities

    Well it sort of does validate the initial hypothesis that its taken only 1 page
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    Toxicity in Photography communities

    Indeed. I have attended a "course" where the opening gambit was "if you want to win camera club awards you need to....". Did come across as winning awards was seen as the raison d'etre that photographers should aspire to. Having said that i've also heard benchmark aspirations as getting onto...
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    Toxicity in Photography communities

    Saw this article about toxicity between members in photography communities. I suspect it can be applied to many communities but as this was specific i'd though i would share it for comments...
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    Nikon Pro.

    I find it's easier to get to and around
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    Nikon Pro.

    The one in London on the 21st
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    Left eye or right eye?

    Left eye
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    News photography quality drops when non-professionals are used - Quelle Surprise!!

    I was going to say something along these lines. The advent of the generation that produced the most photographs (with mobile phones) in some respects diminishes the ability to recognise a good image when its presented, due to the perceived good photo being the one with the most likes (and this...
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    Surprising Pixsy match - photo backdrop being sold with my photo

    I had the same, Pixsy just said they weren't responding to emails and therefore they just gave up. Not exactly great for the customers of Pixsy Well this isn't the services for a start. From what is intimated in some of the above comments to justify the use of the modded phrase with it being...
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    Camera sales set to plunge, say Canon

    Won't this also be defined by the market. If costs of equipment go up then the market costs of the output ie photos be that wedding,landscapes, portraits etc unless the quality delivered to the customer. So if the market quality is defined by those with say the latest sony and those with...
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    Three Images - Three Focal Points

    Assuming that things won't move between shots, if you want to get clarity throughout the image can you not just shrink the aperture, up the shutter to give greater depth of field? Or is something limiting you doing that?
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    Creating White Balance from direct measurement.

    Also on the same theme, can you use one camera to test the white balance and then dial in the same temperature on another camera and it work for both?
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    Creating White Balance from direct measurement.

    When creating White Balance from direct measurement using the camera configurator and a white piece of paper in the light conditions you want to measure, is it a requirement to use the lens you will be shooting with on the camera to make the measurement or once you have it can you swap lens. I...
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    Non UK Advice on NZ trip

    July is midwinter which on the south island would give opportunities for NZ snow. NZ is geared up for the great outdoors but heed all the warning signs as treking out to locations will be quite remote. I would recomend a pass over the transalpine from Christchurch to Grey mouth via Arthurs Pass.
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    Batteries not charging fully

    And I get the impression Nikon generally aren't interested as they just want you to buy new ones.
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    OMG , camera bags !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many

    Whilst roller cases do help with the carrying I haven't found one that doesn't weigh a significant amount to restrict the amount of kit within and still be under the carry-on limits (unless you Fly BA of course!)