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    The book and zine making thread

    More invaluable advice. Thanks so much! Do you have any thoughts on which option to go for for b&w prints? I must admit I'm tending towards Blurb for the prototype at least.
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    The book and zine making thread

    I found this comparison article on the web -
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    The book and zine making thread

    brill! A man after my own heart! Looks like it could be the way to go.
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    The book and zine making thread

    Hi, I've been reading this thread with great interest as I'm thinking of making my own photobook. I think the days of people paying me to make books are long gone! It'll be in b&w and cover a long period of my photographic history with images in the style of Fay Godwin. A retrospective of...
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    Cape Town

    It looks like this was taken round about midday, which is by far the worst time of day to be taking any landscape photos. The sun is so high in the sky (especially at the latitude of Cape Town) that no shadows are visible, there is no "texture" to the landscape and the lighting is generally...
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    Approaching Photography by Paul Hill new edition available

    I'd quite like to borrow this from a library!
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    Critique Little Grebe

    I like to see an interesting "background" in a bird portrait. The best bird artists/illustrators take great care over their backgrounds but for some reason photographers seem to prefer a completely blank one. As gramps says the reflections are quite subtle and non-distracting but the pose of the...
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    Level Head...and balls - Landscape

    Personally, I do believe you're stressing over nothing. I'm pretty anal about level horizons - its the first thing i notice in any landscape photograph. The funny thing is I just cannot see a level horizon with the naked eye! No matter how much care I take it always slopes downwards to the...
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    Polarising filters

    Another vote for Harumi, but unless they have changed the coating don't go for the most expensive range. They are VERY prone to scratching. Mine are DHG Super.
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    Trees and snow and not much else..

    Another big yes vote from me!
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    Back door mountain - Daily exercise

    Really excellent. Winter down here in mid-wales is pathetic in comparison.
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    Minimalistic Trees & Snow

    Both very good. You've got the exposure just right - not easy in snow.
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    Bitterns Dancing on Ice

    Did you think the shaking was some kind of display, or just having a good stretch and a shake?
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5, E-M1, E-M10 & Mark 2 Owners Thread

    Love those juvenile peregrines! Trying to look fierce but not quite being able to pull it off!