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    Slow PC question

    Do you have windows updates automatically installed? Often, windows will download all the updates in the background after the machine has been switched off or sleeping for a while, slowing everything down until it's complete and ready to reboot. Try installing all the updates until there are...
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    Canon 300 2.8 IS L

    Fantastic lens :) You do get used to the weight quite quickly when hand holding the lens. I walk around all day with mine (now using the Mk 2 version) on a 1 series body attached to a Black Rapid strap. I will admit that after a full weekend of shooting, you do feel your lower back. I'm still...
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    I've had a few successful cases with Pixsy, with the lowest being £25, and the highest being a few hundred. I quickly learned not to bother submitting infringements on youtube, twitter, pinterest or any country outside their jurisdiction (basically anywhere outside Western Europe and the...
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    In a military hospital, and old school army doctor is doing his daily rounds of the ward. "And what you you in here for soldier?" he asks. "Syphillis sir" "Wire brush and dettol" the doctor says to the nurse. Next bed - "And what you you in here for soldier?" "genital crabs sir". "Wire brush...
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    USB Microphone crackling and buzzing

    How good is your internet connection from your tower computer? We have someone in an overseas office (shared internet) who often sounds very robotic on calls, but his internet speed and latency/ping time can be very poor at certain times of the day, When he has a good connection, his voice...
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    I've done a few days of: You create an account, and it gives you an album to listen to. The idea is that you listen to the whole album which is most likely an artist/genre that you wouldn't normally listen to, or maybe just the 1 or two more well known songs.
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    If you look closely, you can see Toyah’s husband playing the guitar. View:
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )