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    Replacement windows and doors

    Thanks for the response. I was also thinking about something acting as a sound and insulation barrier.
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    Replacement windows and doors

    Quick question, over having windows and doors replaced. Should the window sills and doors be placed on a bed of mortar, to support the weight of the windows and doors? At the moment, they have been installed and left floating, with the side fixings holding them on place. Thanks
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    Lightroom classic has decided not to play with catalina any more, so it's roll back to Mojave

    Sounds just like a configuration issue. Add users in system preferences. Turn on visible folders in finder options.
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    What would you do

    I have used OVO and found them to be very good, likewise I am now with Tonik who contacted me to reduce my payments automatically once I was over £300 in credit with them. I would recommend either.
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    Huion 610PRO tablet

    I have the 1060plus tablet from Huion but have never had an issue, after initially having problems but then realising the pen need charging!
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    My full review of Luminar 4

    Still no keywords, so its a no go for me, either way. I think the issue with LR6 and Catalina is, if you need to reinstall you cannot, as the installer uses 32bit whilst the app is 64bit. So upgrading from mojave with LR installed is fine but you cannot install LR6 on Catalina. I am debating...
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    Call filtering?

    Get her number changed, as a start. It seems her number is on the 'list'.
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    By the fireplace - Happy Xmas

    Our stockings already up, toasting. Happy Xmas all.
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    Snowy North Yorks today...

    Lovely mono images.
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    Southwold pier

    Lovely images.
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    Had a crack at street photography

    Thanks. Would have to look at exif to see the settings but generally, with the LX100, I have set the ISO limit to what is acceptable for me and shoot in aperture mode, unless shutter speed is an important factor.
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    Flickgrrrrr now constant ads

    Looks like my flickr will be coming to an end, enforced ads when looking at my own photostream, unless I go pro....
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    Sun setting behind York Minster

    Whilst not the best ever image you will see, I am pleased with it as it captures a great weekend away and the start of enjoying photography again.
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    Had a crack at street photography

    Thank you. It was bit of luck and rushed framing, as there was a few people milling around. I just managed to get the crop right and before people started to move towards the incoming train. Thats fine, still not sure myself and we all have different tastes.