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    Beginner Photography Courses

    I know the web site is out of date at the moment but he covers everything you listed.
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    Church Interiors - an open thread.

    Don't have any interior pictures to share right now, just a recommendation. If you ever find yourself in Bath, everybody knows about the abbey but not far from there is a RC church called St John The Evangelist's, it interior knocks the socks off the abbey, well worth a visit and the last time...
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    Beginner Photography Courses

    What type of photography are you interested in, portraits/weddings are a very different skills set to landscapes or Street photography or wildlife photography. I have over the years done wildlife and landscape workshops. I find the hands on face to face tuition brilliant.
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    Used camera & lens website

    Light box may give a reciprocal link too?
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    Used camera & lens website

    That looks really good. Thank you. There is a list of retailers on the Light Box blog page, there may be a few used sellers there worth including in your search. Light Box
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    if you could only have 3 lenses.

    On the systems I shoot I do usually have just 3 lenses Canon EF for the 5Dii and 1N 16-35mm f2.8II 24-70mm f2.8 70-200mm f2.8 Mamiya 645: 45mm 80mm 150mm 4x5: 65mm f4.5 150mm f5.6 240mm f5.6
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    Mottling on Formapan 400

    My bad, yes you are right
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    Grumpy Southerners, photos and discussion thread.

    I'm extremely grumpy, some would say obnoxious, and I'm a southerner. That feels better already
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    Mottling on Formapan 400

    Was w wondering because they look like typical air bubble marks, Foma for some reason loves air bubbles
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    Mottling on Formapan 400

    What agitation did you do, what holder, was the tank on its side at all?
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    Just some general advice re: 35mm film please

    Choice of film is very much about what you want for the end results, for portraits and pastel landscapes I love Portra, for winter colours etc I love Ektar, that's just a couple of the colour options. Loads of b&w options too
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    What price would film have to get to to make you give up ?

    It's all relative, join the never ending chase for megapixels and high ISO performance and you are likely to spend just as much. Can you really put a price on the way film involves you?
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    Help, what can I do to improve?

    One of the best things I think I have picked up, keep it simple and uncluttered, often less is so much more
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    Lens for Nikon D3300

    Agree with Soeren, you are just starting out, the kit 18-55 would be a great place to start for street work, buy a used one, use it for a while and then you can have a look back through the shots you have taken and get a good idea of the focal lengths you have shot at most, then maybe consider a...
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    Lens for Nikon D3300

    The sensor on the D3300 is 1.5x smaller than a full frame so the field of view will be about the same as the figures you have quoted. Choose the lens you want based on the angle of view you want in your camera. What do you want to photograph with the lens and how much space have you got to play...