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    Nik collection and LR

    I tend to use it in this order: Lightroom>Photoshop>Nik or Alien skin>Photoshop>Lightroom tweaks>export from LR. My computer is very laggy at the moment so I've stopped using all plugins. I don't get on with them as stand alones because I have presets that I like to use e.g. contrast. Mandy
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    Critique Last shoot of 2017

    Quick thanks to everyone who gave me harsh critique - for my next session I kept the 23mm locked away and refused to use Alien Skin ... and I got back to my signature style! Incidentally, I'm thinking of trading my fuji 35mm or 23mm for something squeaky sharp like the 56mm (fav lens that I...
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    Critique Last shoot of 2017

    Thanks for your observations @gazmorton2000 You know I'm a fan of your work. @Phrasemaker #1 was with the 23mm, as were all the brown backdrops. I was careful to keep the non-model's face in the center of the lens, but you can see the distortion towards the arms at the bottom of the frame...
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    Critique Last shoot of 2017

    Lol - sorry - I meant the post processing. I know wide angles distort faces. You've always been helpful , so thanks for sharing! Mandy
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    Critique Last shoot of 2017

    Why not - looking to improve? Thanks, Mandy
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    Critique Last shoot of 2017

    Thanks everyone for their comments. @Kodiak Qc I always respect your opinion. Thanks Everyone's comments about the colour processing is spot on, I'd reinstalled Alien Skin and was having a play. I also appreciate your observations about skin colour - always the holy grail. @wambam @sk66 You...
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    Skin tones issue?

    Looks good to me. Nice portrait.
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    Critique Last shoot of 2017

    Hi all, Just wanted to share some recent portraits as I've not been active for a while. Happy for CC on my photography (but not the model). Thanks Mandy #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 I've used a different skin processing approach here - I don't know if it looks too perfect?
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    Male Portraits

    Thanks for your thoughts. Mandy
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    Male Portraits

    Do you have this book, specifically the female one? I've been looking at it. Thanks, Mandy
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    Critique Headshot

    I like it and feel you are heading in the right direction. Male skin is always hard to edit and I like the bluish background you've created.
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    Critique New Old Softbox

    I've another session today - excited and curious to see if I can solve some problems. #5