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    Immersion Heater Costs

    My parents failed in the on position and we found out when the taps started emitting boiling hot steam, rather than water.... i am guessing @Gremlin lives in a soft water area. Ours is Hard and have had as little as 4 years from a pair of elements, current set are better as we had to get tank...
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    Was the first set led and the second conventional bulb by any chance?
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    Any landlord out there?

    The boiler at work I mentioned above had had 10 years worth of dire warnings about parts and being close to the end, and was likely 10 to 15 years or more old before the warnings started. How much unnecessary replacement would such a policy promote when we are supposed to be adopting “greener”...
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    Any landlord out there?

    We had the gas boiler (for central heating only) condemned at work in February 2018, whilst snow was on the took three days to get quotes and then the fastest anyone had a fitter available was another 7 days so I would say you have done well. Is she subtly angling for a contribution...
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    Flickr Down Again

    Just found flickr had logged me out, password didn’t work so reset it, only for it to demand a 12 character password!!!! not exactly the Crown Jewels hidden in my account.....
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    The daily wail getting its knickers in a twist over a labour mp/candidate claiming a wreath on expenses....when I used to run a local youth unit I would claim for the wreath for the town parade from unit funds, as not something i would have bought unless in that position. Yes I may have donated...
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    Drowned drone - "new" replacement with old serial number

    Distance selling regs were replaced by the consumer contract regulations a few years ago.
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    Drowned drone - "new" replacement with old serial number

    With the replacement is the warranty period extended, or still from your original purchase date? Does the proof of purchase or warrenty registration quote a serial numbe?
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    my wife swapped her coffee for gravy granules...
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    Cure for the clap.

    According to bbc radio Oxford the student union have denied they have banned clapping, but simply taken steps to teach their members the sign language version to be more inclusive...
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    The worst photography day of my life

    It could be worse, when I was about 8 my dad took me out to photograph part of a local disused canal. Located one of the locks that looked to be full of soil to 2’ from the top and he stepped onto it to take a photo, only to find the local cattle farmer had been using it as a slurry pit and sunk...
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    Anyone ordered from London Camera Exchange ?

    For my first mpb order they phoned to ask why the delivery address differed from cardholders address . When I said it to work address they duly despatched it.
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    Adobe CC - Stopping the direct debit

    Like any subscription it pays to check if you are on a month by month membership, or a 12 month membership paid in twelve installments. If the latter they can legitimately reinstate a new DD, or pursue you via solicitors (or ultimately via the courts) for missed payments and costs of...
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    Bride and Groom

    Sounds like me at a lot of (none photograph) business firsts, first meetings with potential major new clients, first solo overseas suppliers visits, first trade show stand organised solo, first interviews for new staff etc etc. cracking set of images though.
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    Royal Mail under paid postage

    Had one incident a few years back at work where a box fell off a couriers van and someone dumped the parcel at a postoffice, who delivered it to the delivery address on the label and charged for unpaid postage....