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    Barn Owl

    the tones of the background really make the subject pop! Very nice
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    Replacement softbox diffusers

    Thanks Phil. I couldn’t see any for octoboxes. I’ll have another look.
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    Replacement softbox diffusers

    Hi can anyone help me find somewhere that can supply replacement diffusers for Octoboxes. Ripped mine removing it on the last shoot I used it. I don’t want to have to buy a whole new unit just for the cloth on the front! Web searches have not been helpful regarding this.
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    Funky MTB angles

    Can't fault any of them! Great shots!
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    My switch from Canon to Sony as a wedding photographer

    I attempted to make the switch to Sony last year when I purchased the new Sony A7iii on launch. I am a canon shooter so the possibility of using my existing glass and cutting weight was what brought me to that decision. I had the camera two weeks and returned it. It just didn't do what i needed...
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    Time Lapse Video

    I use Adobe After Effects for compiling mine but i'm sure there are free alternatives out there
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    Beginner First camera, am i spending too much?

    This is not true at all. We live in a global market nowadays. My 5d3 was a "Grey" Import fully covered by CPS no issues whatsoever. I have a 5D4 on the way from the same supplier at pretty much half the uk retail price. I would like to always buy from my local camera store when possible but...
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    Just Curious?

    I used to but only ended up either getting frustrated that i couldn't get out and shoot or cause an argument with the other half because i did. I take the Fuji X100F on holidays nowadays. This summer we went to the alps and i took all the gear but couldn't get out to shoot as my family were all...
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    All the gear....

    F5.6 1/250th and iso 2000 and under exposed? Is she shooting in a cave?
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    i am selling a full DJI Inspire Pro bundle in the classifieds if anyone is interested
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    What have you left out in the field when you've been out taking photos ?

    I wouldn’t really but it would have been tempting!
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    What have you left out in the field when you've been out taking photos ?

    I did mate! I would have probably been off with it if the boot was on the other foot!
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    What have you left out in the field when you've been out taking photos ?

    On my first trip to Skye a couple of years back I got talking to a couple of German guys while photographing eilean donan castle. During the conversation they told me about a good viewpoint up on the hill behind it. When I got there to take some shots I realised I’d left my 5dmk3 24-70 2.8 and...
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    Review Fuji x100F or alternative

    I got the x100f as a walk around camera for holidays etc. Its such a great camera i very nearly switched from canon to fuji completely. i like the fixed focal length if i was looking to take a camera with interchangable lenses i would just take my canon gear, having a smaller body only reduces...
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    Bought new router to replace Virgin SuperHub 3.0 but can't connect to the internet

    I’ve just done the same but with a netgear nighthawk router. The virgin hub 3 is useless at Wi-Fi. It was a simple procedure of put the virgin router in modem mode plug the cables into the new router and restart everything. All working no issues no extra setup needed.