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    Formula 1 in 2016

    Thanks Matty, I think the F1 environment does help a lot to get photos that you would not be able to take at different series events, I'm pretty sure your shots are great too (y) Thanks :) That would be at 200mm although I must admit its quite a crop. Thanks...well probably Kvyat would...
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    Barcelona Grand Prix

    The only restriction I can think of, is that you shouldn't be allowed to take videos. Although just in the paddock probably...
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    More WEC... from an accredited noob :)

    #4 is awesome, did you try a tighter crop removing (most of) the michelin branding? Portraits are good too (y)
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    Formula 1 in 2016

    7 - I don't really have a caption for this. 8 - I think Kvyat is a nice guy although he messed up a bit lately. 9 - Lewis leaving the grid from last. 10 - Valtteri 11 - Could this be his year? 12 - The grid girls was one of the highlights of the Russian weekend, however the...
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    Formula 1 in 2016

    Formula 1 in 2016 is looking good with Nico winning all the races so far. Been covering all the races up to now, but will skip the Spanish GP (as usual) next week and a few other along the year. It's been good so far, traveled to two new tracks, Shanghai and Sochi...didn't dislike them massively...
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    FIA World Endurance at Silverstone - accreditation?

    If you're a UK photographer then as a rule you should do your accreditation through Silverstone but as Stevie said the deadline was on the 29th March. Having said that you would still have been able to make the application through the WEC.
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    Mid Wales Stages 2016

    Some great captures mate (y) not so keen on number #4 but the others are all good #5 and #16 being my favorites.
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    Formula 1 Barcelona Pre-Season Tests 1 & 2

    Many thanks :) Thanks all :) Cheers Neil, I hope I'll be able to post the as I wish this year too ;) That's my bad I basically never shoot in portrait, but I see what you mean there and you are perfectly right. Thanks:) There you go, I've added some captions. Thanks Paul :)
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    Formula 1 Barcelona Pre-Season Tests 1 & 2

    7 - pretty happy Kevin is back, hope Jenson and Fernando will be lapped by him at every single race. 8 - Here's my man at speed through the esses. 9 - Caught him not smiling. 10 - Jolyon at sunrise. 11 - A close call for Romain, I think the guy caused something like three red flags...
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    Formula 1 Barcelona Pre-Season Tests 1 & 2

    And so here we are at yet another start of a Formula 1 Season. It seems this will be the longest season ever, at least for myself, with some 30 events, let's hope it will be a great one. Apologies for the missing captions. [ edit: caption added for minnnt joy ] 1 - My Italian friends don't...
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    Thank You Talk Photography!

    Nice post, and glad to be included :) . Great to see your work on print (y)
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    A look back at 2015

    17 - I don’t know what I was doing… 18 - First time out in Singapore, a good weekend overall and good race result too. 19 - Trying something I had on my mind for a while. 20 - The hurricane didn’t help in Austin, luckily I’ve had pit lane access for FP3. 21 - You can either love...
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    A look back at 2015

    9 - Had some fun at the DTM opener although I’ve also got a conjunctivitis on the friday…not ideal and I had to skip the Spanish Grand Prix for the second year in a row. 10 - Pau gotta be my favourite place in the world for taking pictures of racing cars, here a non impressive demo of the...
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    A look back at 2015

    A look back to last year, It was a fun one although had some knee pain since June which didn't help, hope to get that sorted soon. 1 - As usual Jerez opened the season with a perplexed Fernando not looking too happy… 2 - On my first trip in Barcelona I’ve really enjoyed the winter light and...
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    It's been a while...

    Thanks :) Macau is really good mate! I prefer Pau but Macau also deserve a top spot, sometimes you have to argue with the police as 'official' photographers got more privileges than others but you can't complain. Thanks mate. Thanks :) Got some knee pain since Canada but hopefull will...