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    Newbie from Dorset

    Welcome to the forum Daniel, enjoy yourself here :welcome:
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    Hello from West Berkshire

    Welcome to the forum JT, enjoy yourself here :welcome: :fuji:
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    Dog Food

    This looks interesting: And it has PlaqueOff in the formula.
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    Dog Food

    Many thanks for the responses :) We do brush his teeth each day, and he gets antlers on occasion. Interesting to read about the 'Plaque Off'. defo give that a try.
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    Dog Food

    Hi all, our Norfolk terrier has been raised on Royal Canin dry dog food, and he looks well on it. But he has plaque and it's a full time job to keep his teeth clean, I wonder if the Royal Canin dog food is not helping matters? Does anyone out there have a similar experience and can recommend a...
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    Beginner Newbie

    Why not look for a camera club near to you, that's where I first started. Lots of friendly help and advice, and you can touch and hold other cameras before you decide to buy. I too us mirrorless, Fuji.
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    Hands Up

    Excellent (y)
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    Walton Hall

    I like that, nicely framed by the tree and PP is spot on. Is that some repair work upper left on the branches though?
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    Wales Newbie

    Hi Mark, welcome to the forum :welcome:
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    Hello, I'm new here and quite new to forums in general.

    Hi and welcome to the forum, enjoy yourself here :wave:
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    Welcome to the forum Jimbo, enjoy the camera and we promise not to laugh :wave:
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    North England Newbie

    Hi Andrew, welcome to the forum, get posting :wave:
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    Free Victor XH673

    Heres an interesting project for one of you aircraft enthusiasts:
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    Stockton on Tees Riverside

    A good pair of images there (y)
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    London Scene (4) (M)

    Nice one George (y)