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    diy help required

    Usually the more teeth the better for a smooth cut. I’ve never used a bandsaw for metal work though, disc cutter is usually the way I go.
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    I'm a new grandad

    Congrats, well done to mom!
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    To the drink lots of water people ?

    Best to have an iron bru chaser then!
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    To the drink lots of water people ?

    If what you’re really asking is if 17 cups of Yorkshire brew are good for you then the answer is of course yes. :LOL::LOL:
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    Is that water cold?

    That’s the problem isn’t it! Tbf I’m terrible at jokes in person too so....’it’s the way I tell ‘em!’ :LOL:
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    Is that water cold?

    Just a little joke Les from before on my thread with the little cat on it, no offence intended. :)
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    Is that water cold?

    Unreal reflection! Beautiful calm colours. Needs more cats tho...:naughty:
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    Critique Pondering Cat

    I can see a photoshop thread being born:LOL: Great job mate!
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    Critique Pondering Cat

    Really appreciate your thoughts on this, I’d not really even thought about getting these printed, always seems like a pricey game to get into, almost as bad as photography itself!:LOL:
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    Critique Pondering Cat

    Thanks Les, I do like the cat, feels like it gives the photo an actual subject. I usually do shots like these with just the colour and ‘atmosphere’ I think that more often than not after a second look I feel that the shot would look better with something that stands out to focus on, but your...
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    Critique Pondering Cat

    Thanks very much, I do seem to have trouble with knowing if I should and how much to crop, I just have it stuck in my head that cropping is bad.
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    X box series X orders being taken at GAME right now (24/11) for Christmas delivery

    Great, that’s just cost me another bundle of cash:rolleyes:
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    Critique Lucky one

    I set off early in the morning to make the journey to the nearest point of the wash for me, was surprisingly quiet the whole way there and back. It took me about 45 mins to walk from the RSPB site to the mouth of the river and it was a decent sunrise. I’ll probably post up some of the other...
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    Cutting slots in fence posts

    If you let us know your location there maybe a member who’s local who wouldn’t mind lending you their router with a bit of guidance for beer tokens?
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    Epic news Gov to bring forward ban on new dirty cars to 2030

    I don’t claim to be an expert on electric vehicles but people who I’ve met through work who do consider themselves to be experts in the field all say how extremely wasteful electric vehicles are and that there is very little way to sustain the need of the worldwide population that would need...