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    Online quote done on Saturday. Collection on Monday. Received, inspected and paid on Tuesday. Amazing service!
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    Nikon d610 mega used bargain?

    Buy a used 6d. They can be had for around £350-£400 on a good day.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Basically comes down to if you want a viewfinder or not.
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    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    Is there anyway to merge this with the Fuji x thread? As that has loads of x100 related posts and with the V coming soon it will make it easier if it's just one big forum?
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    You can pick up the convertors even the mk11s for around £110-130 as new boxed on eBay most days.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Yeah it will be seen in this forum, the Nikon forum, the Sony forum and probably the canon forum before it reaches it's first birthday!
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Both images are excellent. Well framed and excellent colours.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Was expecting to see some picks from @addicknchips but looks like he has bought yet another Sony A7 model so anyone after a cheap x100f will be able to pick one up for £600 in the next day or so.
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    The GAS confessional - all who suffer are welcome. :)

    I think that some people. One in particular really need some kind of help or intervention. All this forum seems to do is enable an addict to get their fix. Lenses and cameras are sold in some cases days after being bought and the same lens and camera is repeatedly bought over and over again. At...
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    When you say voucher what do you mean? Is it not cashback? Thanks.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    I bought an X100 from camera jungle last Sunday. It arrived on Monday morning so within 16 hours of placing the order. It had firmware 1.3 so had never been updated. SN23xxxxx. All boxed with all original accessories manual and the extra 1.3 new feature book. It was classed as 'good' because of...
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    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    Don't buy any expensive R mount lenses as you will loose even more money when you sell this camera to get the Panasonic S1. Camera's a fools game! Hehe
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    your friend and mine ,well not really but interesting figures discussed

    Not according to Pentax. Their top people think DSLR will make a come back in a couple of years. Or maybe they just say that because they can't afford to invest in new tech.
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    Nikon d7200 -7500

    Stop it. Stop it right now! You've been such a good boy. Don't have a relapse!
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    Sony RX1 thread

    Just picked one of these up. Anyone still have any love for this camera?