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    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    Don't buy any expensive R mount lenses as you will loose even more money when you sell this camera to get the Panasonic S1. Camera's a fools game! Hehe
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    your friend and mine ,well not really but interesting figures discussed

    Not according to Pentax. Their top people think DSLR will make a come back in a couple of years. Or maybe they just say that because they can't afford to invest in new tech.
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    Nikon d7200 -7500

    Stop it. Stop it right now! You've been such a good boy. Don't have a relapse!
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    Sony RX1 thread

    Just picked one of these up. Anyone still have any love for this camera?
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    Leica advise......please.

    I used to have the olympus viewfinder for mine. They can be picked up for about £80 and still make it the best value Leica. Which is what the original poster asked for.
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    Leica advise......please.

    Save yourself £2k+ and get the lens you want attached to a camera for £599. You wanted the best value will never beat this!
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    Leica advise......please.

    I did state in original post to get a used one. They mostly are in perfect condition and it's a cheap way into Leica. Almost all reviews state how amazing g the lens is on this camera. It's not good for low light but for general use in normal conditions it's right up there with the best Leica...
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    Leica advise......please.

    As stayed before- Leica xVario . Its better than the T with the equivalent lens and more than twice as cheap. 'unlike the Panasonic rebadges, this one really does feel like and carry the DNA of a Leica. '
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    Leica advise......please.

    Leica Xvario. Hold their second hand value if you decide it's not for you. Good ones you can get for around £750 including all original packaging etc. You can get cheaper but if they are fully boxed they keep their resell value.
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    Best Smartphones for Photography

    I have a Pixel and when out in good light there is simply no need for a camera if you are just taking snapshots. And who needs these triple and quad lens phones. Just let the Google software do all the magic!
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    Phone camera for printing A4

    As stated previously buy a first generation Google pixel or pixel XL. You can add in the portrait mode that was added on the pixel 2 and it's just been updated with the Google nightsite mode. You can get these for under £175 and they smoke any other camera and all from a single lens. You will...
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    And soon to be seen in the classifieds a couple of weeks after release!
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    How many megapixels is enough?

    3-4 years for mainstream 8k TV's? 4k is still not mainstream yet. Anyway back to the topic. 5 mp would be fine .Anything more is good for cropping and fixing.
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    Put SD card in iMac disk slot by mistake

    Phone is great. Camera being collected tomorrow.
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    Put SD card in iMac disk slot by mistake

    Looks like you got a perfect excuse to buy a different mac now.