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    Leucistic Red Kite - a few more added

    A few more Mike
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    Leucistic Red Kite - a few more added

    Cheers Phil, I think between the shots I have good wing positions, good head angles, nice BGs and good framing - unfortunately, they're not all in the same frame! Mike
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    Leucistic Red Kite - a few more added

    Cheers Roger, no sign of any tags on this one, and definitely no tag cloning going on (!) so I'm guessing this is a different bird to the one you're referring to Will be a few more later Jerry, laptop not saving files properly so I'll do them at home. Beautiful looking bird IMHO so I'm keen to...
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    Leucistic Red Kite - a few more added

    I stuck around for about 45 minutes after the feeding frenzy at Ggirin, and the Leucistic bird out on a nice show, more to come when I'm more awake to process them! Mike
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    Sony v Nikon

    Normally I'd agree with you on that one, however this combo is proving extremely competent. Arash Hazeghi is a birds in flight specialist and is extremely exacting his his IQ standards. He's recently switched to Sony, and although he's kept his d500/500pf combo, hes now happy with the IQ on...
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    Sony v Nikon

    If you're looking at birds in flight, then the Sony is the current king, no question. However, that's not to say the nikon is poor, far from it, its just the Sony can nail shots in more difficult situations such as raptors against varied backgrounds. If flight us only a small part of your...
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    Bempton meet up

    I rebooked for August this year as its only a couple of hours away from mine but I'm sure if you just book a slot for next year, then as long as you give Steve reasonable notice you could ask for a further move again once you identify a suitable date
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    Not so keen on the first Mick, weak head angle, but the set gets really strong from then on, nice perches, good details, and the fish in the last is a real bonus Mike
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    Olympus TG-6 for rock pools and beach photography

    For compact camera underwater use - especially macro style - the TG-6 is about as good as it gets Mike
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    Barnie with prey

    Cheers Russ, I agree totally. Any Barnie is good to see, but the other one has stunning markings Thanks Les Hopefully I'll get back up there sometime this week, I'll let you know Thanks Roger, I'm no expert, but this is a very pale bird Cheers gents Thanks pal, I'm not aware of this...
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    Barn Owl

    Cheers guys
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    Barn Owl

    Cheers Kev, there is a pair - the other one being the whiter bird in my other thread. They were both out hunting, I'm guessing they have young - maybe he scoffed a cheeky vole as well himself! Mike
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    Barn Owl

    Cheers Lads, good to get some discussion going, far better than clicking a 'like' button This one to me looks 'sharp' but falls short of 'tack sharp'. I did keep the sharpening down a little as I wanted to try and keep the facial feathers looking soft. I think the critical focus mayhave landed...
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    Sod my luck

    Ona positive note, your shots probably look better through blurred eyes.....:banana:
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    A spot of action

    Good to see the old boy (y)