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    Critique Fallow deer doe feeding her young

    Cheers Patrick, Nothing funky done in post. With the RAW file I set the exposure, reduced the highlights and boosted the shadows a bit. Took it into photoshop where I did a little dodging and burning, but the most important part was I cropped and resized the shot to 1024px wide, and only once...
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    Critique Fallow deer doe feeding her young

    2 things to look at then, as you've got the focus post bang on. Either your lens is front focussing or the shutter speed is too low and the motion has caused softness. In my view, you should always push the shutter speed higher than you thought necessary for the sharpest RAW file. Yes, someone...
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    jackdaw on post

    Christ Jeff, you have more lenses than Specsavers! Plenty sharp enough Mike
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    Good stuff Den, good to see you've still got that itch! Mike
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    A Male Bearded Tit

    Nicely done Kev Mike
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    I think its fair to say you absolutely nailed this one John, awesome light, great eye contact, perfect framing, and that's before you even consider its a leopard!! One for the wall me thinks Mike
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    The rut is starting...

    Thanks Patrick - yep, they're all hand held, ISO varied throughout the session between 800-3200 and shutter speed around the 1/1600th mark depending on if the sun was out or behind cloud Mike
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    The rut is starting...

    Thanks everyone, comments much appreciated. Mike
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    Critique Fallow deer doe feeding her young

    The actual shot s lovely - not something you see very often and the capture has been well timed. Light maybe a tad harsh, but you've not got too much in the way of harsh shadows, so no issue there. The image is soft, 2 probable reasons - first one being it looks like the sharp focus is on the...
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    The rut is starting...

    A good forecast for yesterday evening and it was time to pay the local herd a visit. Sometimes thing line up for you and they came close during the best light 1. 2. 3.
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    3 days photographing elk

    Bugle boy and the crossing are beautiful, great setting. Some of the others look underexposed to me, particularly Wapiti. Out of the darkness, I get the tones in that one, but with a different title I would have gone with underexposure as well. The detail is lower than your normal shots -...
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    Bellowing Stag (WB Edit added)

    Tons better (y) Mike
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    Bellowing Stag (WB Edit added)

    Just take a look at your other post where the WB is much better - I tried it with a reading (using the eyedropper tool) off the white part of the antler as a guide Mike
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    Bellowing Stag (WB Edit added)

    Nice head on shot, great roaring action, just keep an eye on your white balance, its quits a bit out Mike