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    That lighthouse, Dovercourt

    Very nice Neil. Not been there for ages
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    first time astro

    Focal length - 14mm upwards for wide angle landscape Aperture - f1.4 - f2.8 ISO - 3200-6400 without a tracker Shutter speed - 15-25 seconds depending on foal length but use the 500 rule
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    Lovely set Justin, Love the 3rd image with the cat!
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    Devon Milky Way

    I use the Samyang 24mm f1.4 lens, The Samyang 135mm f1.4 and the Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 for all my astro stuff.
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    Devon Milky Way

    Nope all just on a normal tripod, 12 images that was then stacked in Starry landscape stacker to reduce noise
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    Beginner IOptron Skyguider Pro

    The iOptron Skyguider Pro is a great piece of kit, very solid and sturdy and will last you ages. I've got two, both with upgraded wedges to make the adjustments more easily
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    Now this I really like, great light and lovely warm tones in it. Spot on!
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    I like this, although it hasn't got a main subject to focus on I like the feel of it, almost like a painting
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    Critique Back in the game

    Nice, always good when you can get back out there and get the photography juices flowing again
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    Devon Milky Way

    From memory I think the sis 12 images all shot one after the other at f.28, 10 secs at ISO 3200 then stacks together to reduce noise.
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    weekend break

    Yep totally agree with your choice of aperture and focal point. Works very well!
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    Critique Maspalomas Dunes

    I visited that spot once and was chased by a pack of stray dogs!
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    On the hill

    Yes definitely the 1st one for me to
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    Stormy Elgol

    Really Nice!