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    magnetic filters

    Breakthrough filters make the best ones in my opinion -
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    Dipping into astro with Olympus EM1?

    No problem, always feel free to drop me a message if you need any advice
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    Dipping into astro with Olympus EM1?

    The Move Shoot Move is a nice small compact tracker which can handle as reasonable weight. So its an ideal 1st foot into Astro photography. For Milky Way photography you going to be shooting wide angle which is also more forgiving when it comes to tracking. Another Mount that would last you a...
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    Point of Ayr lighthouse

    It is a very personal thing and I don't think there is a right or wrong approach to it. Really nice capture!
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    Point of Ayr lighthouse

    nice shot but maybe sort out the perspective on the lighthouse as its leaning
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    Golitha Falls, Cornwall.

    Lovely, Really like the lush greenery
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    The American Nebula

    Shot this Sunday evening. 25 Light frames x 180 seconds exposure, ISO 1600 25 x Drak Frames 25 x Flat Frames 25 x Bias Frames
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    Pen yr Ole Wen

    Yes liking this, slight lift on the shadows would improve
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    Trow Point

    Nice set, No 1 definitely my fav
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    A storm with no name, Shetland, 2020

    wow looks very wild and windy!
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    Winter Storm

    Yes like that and like Alf said the hillside with just the trees would of also made for a good composition with all that snow falling
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    Critique Sleepless night...

    number 1 for me, I'm in the Uk but Vegas is my fav place to visit!
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    Simply Roker Beach

    Yes agreed would look much better without the extra stick and bits around the bottom, you always want to keep your edges clean
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    That lighthouse, Dovercourt

    Very nice Neil. Not been there for ages
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    first time astro

    Focal length - 14mm upwards for wide angle landscape Aperture - f1.4 - f2.8 ISO - 3200-6400 without a tracker Shutter speed - 15-25 seconds depending on foal length but use the 500 rule