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    Stob Dearg, pic added

    Superb Scott. Fantastic composition and the shutter speed to create the foreground water textures is just perfect
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    Elgol Blue (LE)

    Fantastic mate. Beautifully shot and processed
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    Looks really good buddy. The quality from that camera is awesome. Shame the subject is not the prettiest lol
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    Beinn a'Chrulaiste.

    Beautitful set of images Scott. For me this view is rivalled only by Stac Pollaidh when it comes the smaller mountains.
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    Look forward to seeing them mate. I know there were a few that you were happy with so i'm hoping they transferred well from what you saw through the viewfinder to film :)
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    Was about to message you and ask when I was likely to see some images. Lovely stuff mate (y)
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    Last light, Nash Point

    Top image that buddy (y)
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    Lovely stuff Jason. Have to give me a shout if you want to venture over to Snowdonia buddy. Love it over there.
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    North Wales last week

    1 and 2 the standout shots for me.
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    Landscape people on YouTube - post your recommendations please

    Absolutely love this guy. He has to be the most cheerful, optimist chap I’ve seen on YT. His drone footage is mind blowing at times. I can say he really has inspired me to stop being so bloody lazy with my photography and push myself further and harder to get to these phenomenal locations
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    Beginner Little bit of woodland

    3 superb images Chris. Think a huge part of woodland photography is getting the conditions, but you cant just rock up and be guaranteed a shot. I think you have made full use of the perfect conditions and shown your skill in a compositional sense here also. I certainly would have been proud of...
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    Critique Late autumn in Snowdonia

    The first shot, as Scott mentioned, would have been wonderful if you could have isolated the tree against the beautiful blue waters of the lake. The textures and tones and the far light mean it has all the ingredients of a good image but lacks a compositional focal point. For me, just removing...
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    OPOTY - a curious peek

    Definitely interesting to see what others have entered. Some people must have spent a small fortune on entering too, up to 30 images in a single category! Good luck to all on TP that have images in there. Spotted a few names :)
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    Winter @ Lagangarbh

    Beautiful Scott I love how the snow simplifies the scene and the muted tones are wonderful
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    Llyn Ogwen & Waterfalls

    Nice set of images Richard I agree with the first being the best. On critique would be that I feel it needs a tiny bit more head room above Tryfan.