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    Scanner won't power up

    Any 15V 1A power supply should do the job to be honest
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    New Old film Challenge #113 : Transport *POLL ADDED*

    Station Approach by Rob Hooley, on Flickr
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    New Old Film Challenge #112 - Entries Thread - Through The Window POLL ADDED

    Here we go... Hitting the Bottle by Rob Hooley, on Flickr Mamiya RB67 with 50mm C at f16 Rollei ATP rated as ISO 32, Developed in Rodinal 1+300
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    New Old Film Challenge discussion thread

    I certainly do, if only I could remember my flickr login...
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    Filter Factors / Optical Density

    I've measured my colour filters with my lightmeter to check for their attenuation. I usually do it every time I use them, as I end up forgetting...
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    Nutters with Cameras - f&c style.

    Wow, now that was a long time ago! Haven't seen a few of those faces in a while!
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    AF Portrait Camera?

    The 645 AF should be a bit cheaper than the AFD as it is less widely compatible with digital backs, yet has the exact same functionality as the AFD for film use.
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    Beginner Developing my first film - any tips??

    1) Timing is not super critical, too long is better than too short 2) Measuring concentrations properly is not super critical 3) Temperature is not super critical 4) As long as you put the chemicals in the correct order, you will get something Most importantly, 5) Have fun 6) Laugh at the...
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    Apple student discount?

    My unidays account says it's 10%, reducing a base spec 13" macbook pro from £1249 to £1125.40
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    Apple student discount?

    You need a university email address for unidays to work, might as well wait until he has that before diving in, use the time to shop around
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    Liking both of those Woodsy, but that second one is peachy!
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    101 ways to ruin a roll of film

    I left a few rolls of PanF I shot in Berlin earlier this year in my room over the summer and developed them yesterday. Turns out that PanF is really sensitive to storage conditions, the film has degraded and has looks mottled across the frame, to the extent that pictures of people look like they...