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    Found film, or film processed long after exposure

    Time to bump this thread up again: I found another one. I've been in Munich a lot recently and, in the depths of a second hand shop, I came across a roll of Verichrome Pan 126 (In a very decent condition, Instamatic 50) After learning my lesson on rinse temperature and verichrome the last time...
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    What the...? (Stand Processed Strangeness)

    Agreed, I think I was getting to fancy for my own good :/
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    What the...? (Stand Processed Strangeness)

    I agree, although I took @john.margetts comment to mean the the film was moving in the chemicals. 1. There are no deposits left on the film. 2. The surafce appears fine in high res scans and through my loupe. 3. The only "sort of exposure" variable would be that I flew with these in hand...
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    What the...? (Stand Processed Strangeness)

    Here we go... another frame from the same film. Tweaked it further in LR to bringout the anomalies. (Scanned at 6400dpi on my v700) And this is a 1:1 crop of the top corner of the wall: As you can see: not scratches. So I'm agreeing with @Nomad Z that this is chemical. This is still my...
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    What the...? (Stand Processed Strangeness)

    @robhooley167 , @john.margetts & @FujiLove I will scan at higher res later for reference. Thanks for the questions, it's making think about all the details. However, this is on two films, from two cameras (The Box Brownie and a Brownie 20 Twin) The only connection between both films is the...
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    What the...? (Stand Processed Strangeness)

    Thanks for all the questions, answers are as follows: I saw the stripes as soon as I took the film out of the last wetting agent rinse, so it wasn't a drying effect. 1. Cameras could be dirty, they're vintage Kodaks. So old that they were before blackout materials though to no foam...
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    What the...? (Stand Processed Strangeness)

    Thanks. Should have said it was 120 film, so no cassette issues. Also, it is only on the frames, not between them so probably chemical related.
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    What the...? (Stand Processed Strangeness)

    I've been away from here for a bit, as life got in the way of all things film related. However, I got back on it and managed to shoot a bunch of film over the past few weeks. On Saturday I picked up some new chemicals (Rodinal and Fix) and yesterday set about stand processing two rolls of 120...
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    Here's a weird one... I had a great, if early, few hours at West Wittering at the weekend. This is a frame from a roll of Pan F that I respooled to 620 for my grandad's old Kodak Six-20 Model C. The thing is I can't remember when I did the respooling or how long it was in the fridge before I...
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    Brownie Box Camera Challenge Registration Thread

    Here you go, had a look through my Kodak book and found this out "In 1898 Eastman asked his camera designer and manufacturer, Frank Brownell, to design the least expensive camera possible, consistent with its being effective and reliable..... Brownell came up with the Brownie camera, launched in...
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    White Noise Project

    Love it, they worked out well. Have you tried pushing the whites all the way? That could work really well on the TP pure white background.
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    Redscale challenge...

    Curiouser and curioser.... I got the negs back and I've been investigating. Epson v700, Epson software, 24-bit Colour Negative Film... Oversized scan to include film rebate: Undersized scan to exclude film rebate: So it seems that the scanning software is making a pretty good guess at...
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    Redscale challenge...

    I hadn't forgotten about this, but I only got the scans back today for the roll of Redscale XR 50-200 that I put through my Brownie No.2 I tried to rate it at iso25 to get more than just red in the images. AND, I forgot about the Brownie having at least a 10' fixed focus point, so they're all...
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    Portrait of my wife

    Blimey! I know large format and apertures are "different" but that seemed tiny for the amount of background blur you've got. Very interesting.