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    Beginner Real World Back Button Focusing?

    I’ve used it for as long as I can remember, may as well give it a try and see if it works for you. It’s not make or break for photography
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    Autumn colour Derwent water

    I often like seeing wildlife in landscape pictures but I think the duck is distracting here, it and the bright ripple are taking your eyes from the main subject which is those trees and is cutting into the reflection. I think it would be worth doing some duck cloning or finding a shot without...
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    Help - I cant see the wood for the trees!

    I'm not an out and out woodland photographer but dabble every so often, autumn and also winter are great times to try. Look for patterns or trees that really stand out - at the moment things are still relatively green making that difficult but over the next few weeks there'll be lots of...
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    CoronaVirus and Italy

    It seems a bit risky Steve as things are changing quickly. On the other hand life is for living and what an awful year it's been so you could say sod it and treat yourself. As nasty as it can be the virus has certainly been overhyped, it was 24th on August's causes of death list, and lockdowns...
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    Higger Tor Heather

    It works perfectly here - the advantage of it is it brings that fantastic heather-clad view into the fore. Love it
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    Lincolnshire “fieldscape”

    It's an incredibly difficult area for landscapes but you've made a very dramatic shot full of depth. You've done very well (y)
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    Higger Tor Heather

    Very nice again. I'd be tempted to make a square crop out of this to simplify the composition (removing a portion at the bottom) but either way you can be very pleased with this.
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    Bamford Heather

    One of the best I've seen from this place, it's not an easy spot to put your own stamp on but you're done that here. Really beautiful.
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    A Few From The Peaks

    Number 1 for me, the composition is really strong and with the light and sky works really well
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    First time post processing - Advice

    You’re going too far I’d say - why so much dehaze and positive black? Wildlife often benefits from negative dehaze and negative clarity, but go gentle!
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    Undecided Parking for the 'Lone Tree' at Malham

    It’s pretty easy to park if dawn or dusk but I think that tree is overrated, not as photogenic as other limestone pavements in the area
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    The Sea - ICM

    Rather nice...I think it would suit a nice square crop too
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    Poppy Sunrise

    I think that's gorgeous. You used the tracks perfectly and the conditions are sublime, nicely processed too. Very dreamy (y)
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    Arbor Low

    The conditions seemed epic over there on Saturday and this looks good to me - the only thing I'd look at is a tweak in curves maybe, just to give it a bit more pop particularly for the brights
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    Loch Druim Suardalain - sunset looking to Suilven

    I think number 1 and the last one for me, all well captured but I like the compositions the best with those