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    Produce & Share a Zine Round II (May - October 2020)

    Out in the USA (with a UK BFPO address), and much as a trip back to the UK would be nice, I don't fancy a month in isolation as well...
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    If anyone's yet to update to Negative Lab Pro, the new software is much better at colours! No colour tweaking needed on this Ektar / Holga 120N combo in CS41. 082020-Reno_Lassen_Crater_Lake_120N_Ektar_CS41 (9 of 13) by Alex Morrison, on Flickr
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    2020 Shugpug's 1st 52 - Week 41 - Topical

    Thank you! Thought that it would show the hot and dry side of the place, but hadn't thought of the tie in to fireworks.
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    Produce & Share a Zine Round II (May - October 2020)

    I'm in already - just to confirm that I'm going to order a bunch printed pretty soon - I want to send a few of to various friends and family etc.
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    Weekly Vanishedbob's 52 Thread 2020

    Good image and thought provoking - nice one. Food for thought was my idea as well - still have an idea of two up my sleeve...
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    2020 52 From Baloo

    Great picture - the huge amount of negative space works very nicely with the subject and topic.
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    2020 HelenC's 52 for 2020: Week 42 - Food

    Fantastic timing. And who was it who said the more we practice, the luckier we get! Well done on a well earned combination of timing, and expert composition!
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    Weekly Cloudforest's 52 for 2020. Week 40 Wet

    The red poppies stand out wonderfully - great use of leading lines up to the monument.
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    Allan.H 52 2020 WEEK 42 FOOD added

    I can see the resemblance, and not something I've tried (or have a desire to now...) Lovely composition.
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    Weekly -Oy-'s weekly 52 theme thingie for 2020 : Week 42 - FOOD added

    Interesting picture - the eye contact and woman's expression make it.
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    2020 Kell's TP 52 - Week 42 - FOOD added

    Nicely done - great colours from the plastic, and I really like the idea behind the image you used in the main thread.
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    2020 Darkslinger's 52 Week Challenge - 2020

    The B&W with the crazy reflection would be my choice, but the first is the most apposite for the theme. All nicely composed pictures - m43 Olympus? Welcome to the club (albeit in in the Panasonic camp) - I find them as really nice compromise of size and quality.
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    Nostromo, up for it, Wk: 41/2 Topical/Food 52-2020

    Lovely couple of pictures there. The lighting for Topical is beautiful, and I can very much empathise with not wanting to take another Covid photo..! That's a really interesting idea for food as well - nicely composed and well executed.
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    Weekly Fuji Dave`s Weekly 52 Challenge 2020 WEEK 42 FOOD ADDED

    Here's to the recovery - keep getting better Dave!
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    Weekly rpn's 2020 52 Photo Challenge - Week 42 FOOD Added

    Number 3 for me too - great capture of food in the processing of being eaten! And very characterful with the squirrel in mid chew :)