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    2020 The TP'ers 52 challenge for 2020 The discussion thread. Week 13 Flora

    @Scots_quine - all the best for your recovery
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    Pentacon 6

    I had one of these a few years ago on my first, abortive, foray in to MF. Why abortive..? Dear god the weight... I will admit to never actually taking it out of the house [emoji15] It was sold (at a loss [emoji3525]) not long after purchase.
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    Weekly Fuji Dave`s Weekly 52 Challenge 2020 Wk13 FLORA ADDED

    That daff is just starting to show is age, but rather nice all the same.
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    Isolation pinhole

    I'm feeling the need to do something creative whilst somewhat confined (less so than the UK, but still fairly thoroughly compared with our normal), and now mostly working from home. I've just loaded up the Holga WPC with Pan F+ (a new to me film! Any pointers..?) With the 6 shots I'll get, I'm...
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    Post a related Digi photo and say why it's related !

    Lots of turns Bright Angel Trail by Alex Morrison, on Flickr
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    2020 52 From Baloo

    That's a great shot - I thought about doing something like this interpretation, but my imagination failed me unfortunately. Made even better by the Fence hiding their face!
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    Coronavirus - Lab and supplier closures

    Not a lab, but Analogue Wonderland are open as long as they can according to their website.
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    2020 Clives 52 in 2020

    The second B&W shot definitely works for me - nicely seen and nice shot.
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    Weekly Bebop's 52 for 2020 - week 12 - Fence

    I really like these - the B&W number 2 has huge potential and is my favourite of the set, the rabbit only makes it better!
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    Weekly Shugpug's 1st 52 - Week 12 Fence

    Thank you - it's made me want to try one of the 3200 speed B&W films as I'm liking the look. Possibly useful for current times unfortunately as well. Thank you. Thankfully it had been much better since - but I think being out at the weekend is now a non-starter. I tried one with the fence in...
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    Weekly Vanishedbob's 52 Thread 2020

    Double fence, and an excellent job on the leading lines. Very nice shot.
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    Gardenbirders 52 for 2020

    Had to look twice, but the fence is definitely there - like it.
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    2020 Darkslinger's 52 Week Challenge - 2020

    The year of the triptych continues - I like these very much.
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    Weekly NCF15s 52 for 2020 Wk 12 Fence

    Definitely the dog shot for me too. Lovely shot.
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    2020 HelenC's 52 for 2020: Week 13 - Flora

    Green on green on green, with great clarity in the subject. Beautiful shot!