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    2020 The TP 52'ers Challenge for 2020 Post your images in here ( no comments please) Week 22 A household item

    Week22 - A (Some!) Household Items 20200529-Household_Objects_Pinhole (11 of 14)-Pano by Alex Morrison, on Flickr
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    Weekly Shugpug's 1st 52 - Week 22 - Household Items added

    For Household Items - I decided to go with film again. Although less psychedelic this time, I still wanted to go for something slightly unusual. I have a panoramic pinhole camera (a Holga Wide Pinhole Camera) which takes 120 film and produced 6x12 cm negatives with everything equally just out of...
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    Weekly Shugpug's 1st 52 - Week 22 - Household Items added

    Thank you all - as I said, not something to hang on the wall, but something I'm going to continue to experiment with.
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    Weekly Leebert's 52 for 2020. Week 20 - something old.

    I thought I had commented on this already - I really like this in B&W. It's unusual - and good in it's own right, not just because it's different.
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    Nostromo, up for it, Wk:22 Household item(s) 52-2020

    Good job with the lighting. Enough to know what's going on - the effect works well, and it's a really nice picture.
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    2020 Clives 52 in 2020

    Second for me as well - the background gives some context.
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    Weekly rpn's 2020 52 Photo Challenge - Week 22 HOUSEHOLD ITEM Added

    I really like the composition on this. Lovely lines through the photo, and there's plenty for the eyes to look at.
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    2020 The TP'ers 52 challenge for 2020 The discussion thread. Week 22 A household item

    Continuing the theme of trying slightly out of the box approaches - this week I'm trying for surreal pinhole closeups of household objects Currently on frame 2 of 6 of Tri X 400, which I've also never used before. I have absolutely no idea if it's going to work or not...
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    Weekly Cloudforest's 52 for 2020. Week 21 Liquid

    Great composition and very nice use of DoF.
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    Weekly Bebop's 52 for 2020 - week 22 - Household item

    Great colours in there - I like the play of tones and shadows. I'd have guessed colander too, but only because I knew it was a household item. Otherwise, I'd have very happily believed it was a projector light of some kind...
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    Weekly Rick448 52 Challenge 2020 - Household item added.

    Lovely lights and colours. The crop is possibly a little tight, but still like it all the same.
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Looks good - I might be joining you soon (although I only stretch to Hendricks...) Are those cranberries in it?
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    Weekly -Oy-'s weekly 52 theme thingie for 2020 : Week 22 - A Household Item

    Lovely light and intersecting lines - great composition you have made there!
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    Allan.H the unexpected 52 2020 HOUSEHOLD ITEM added

    Love the left spoon, but would like to see what's going on in the highlight on the RHS.
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    Scots_quine's 52 Challenge for 2020 - Week 22 added

    Made me smile certainly. Blue and yellow - what's not to like!?