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    Weekly -Oy-'s weekly 52 theme thingie for 2021: Week 23 : Personal

    Very moody and gritty. Rough indeed! Works well!
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    Allan.H another 52 2021 PERSONAL added

    Lovely lighting and nicely lined up cones. Very nice image.
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    Cobra's 2021 52 Creative Calamities Week 23 Personal

    Strong self portrait Chris. The Zippo is a little square on for my tastes, but the rest is just excellent.
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    Shugpug's 2nd 52 for 2021 - Week 6 - Pair

    Yep, good spot. Sensor needs a good clean... Of course - I've only "read" (audiobooked) the first in the series, but infinitely better than the terrible film. I'm intending to read more in the series, but I think reading them properly might be quite hard work. This was very much the shot I...
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    Weekly Boots' 52 for 2021

    Both good and i like the strong black background, but the crop for me really shows the texture off.
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    SHARE YOUR FILM SHOOTING OUTINGS HERE - Communal Thread (warning, may be picture heavy)

    It's the fiddling that's the fun but! Cracking picture Asha - I've fallen behind eye this thread so I didn't see the prequel, but where it's come to is a cracking printer!
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    Ian's 52 for 2021

    That's the right one - lovely. That's impressively little grain for HP5 at 1600 - what was it processed in..? I'm just getting to grips with a new Arax 60 (Kiev 60) and an thinking that my "usual" FP4 might have to change to HP5 when I move from Vegas to the UK...
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    Weekly d00d's 52s in 2021 > Week 11 ~ Smooth

    That's a cracker. Lovely tones, colours and the oof background is lovely.
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    Weekly Paul's Infrared TP 52 for 2021: Week 18 - Number Added

    Been there, done that... Hope the photography worked?! Nice image with lovely tones - I hope to do something similar next week... But probably not in infra red... I've been bad at commenting, but I'm loving your project this year - very inspirational!
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    Weekly DAVE'S 2021 WEEKLY 23 Personal Added

    The background is definitely a bit strong - ocf might give you more separation by lighting only the subject and not the background?
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    Weekly eoSimon’s 52 for 2021

    Like them both! The sheep especially is superbly seen - technique can be learned, but you have the eye already. Like key reflections are not easy - well done!
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    Weekly Flyphots 52 for 2021: Week 23 'Personal'

    I like it personally - moody, gritty and works for low key for me.
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    Weekly Shiny's 2021 52 Attempt

    Very abstract - like it a lot! And f38 only exists on my large format gear..! @Bebop's explanation of apertures etc above is spot on; I've always been suspicious of diffraction's real impact on sharpness given the wavelength of light Vs even a small aperture on a wide angle (visible light is...
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    Weekly Bebop's 52 2021 - Week 22: Up Close

    Love that image for rough @Bebop - perfect sheet speed and nicely done to get the surfer sharp, but movement everywhere else. Very nice!
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    Notice The TP 52 Challenge for 2021 Post your submissions (only) here Week 23 Personal

    Week 10 - Rough sand 52 Project 2021 by Alex Morrison, on Flickr