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    Weekly NCF15s 52 for 2020 Wk 32 Patterns

    Nice fractal patterns there - photogenic indeed!
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    Weekly Bebop's 52 for 2020 - week 32: Patterns

    That's very cool - that's a really interesting effect and a great pattern. Thank you for showing the setup.
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    Nostromo, up for it, Wk: 32 Patterns 52-2020

    Fantastic reflections there - and a great idea for the patterns shot.
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    2020 HelenC's 52 for 2020: Week 32 - Patterns and tech (juxtaposition)

    Works for me on both counts - definitely a pattern in there from the repeating fence posts, and the old/new is rather nice. The tones, especially in the new fence posts, are lovely.
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Really interesting shot for static - I really the view point (and the pond weed definitely means static for me.) And your patterns shot is lovely - the textures in the sand are really nice.
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    Gardenbirders 52 for 2020

    Great amount of detail there, and the patterns that (especially on the beak) are very nicely seen.
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    Weekly Seaodysseys 52 for the New Decade Wk33 Camouflarge

    The light peepping through there is lovely.
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    2020 Darkslinger's 52 Week Challenge - 2020

    It almost looks like a Pinhole shot - static and smooth, and even the clouds behaved for you!
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    Weekly BobBCN 52/2020 (WEEK 32 - PATTERNS)

    Two nice shots Ben - the patterns and textures on the Pattern shot work very nicely together, and very nicely in black and white.
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    Scots_quine's 52 Challenge for 2020 - Week 32added

    That's definitely interesting! It makes me think of a spine of some skeleton! Nicely processed.
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    Critique 2nd attempt at "fine art/minimalist" black & white

    Beautiful tones and exposure. Would a Pano crop work?
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    Weekly mdpF2's 52 for 2020

    That's exactly the kind of shot I was looking for for patterns - lovely! Unfortuantely - most of the plants here are either watered and against a very dull / non-natural background, or a bit dried out now...
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    Weekly Fuji Dave`s Weekly 52 Challenge 2020 WEEK 32 NOW STOPPING FOR A REST

    The steel pattern has it for me - nice shot for the theme! The gate is rather nice as well and with a little PP would be fantastic.
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    Weekly Vanishedbob's 52 Thread 2020

    I see the SS resemblance, but I rather like the abstractness of this. The textures on the stones steps are lovely as well.