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    Beginner Wildlife photography set up

    Not ever having used a Canon 400, regardless of lens - your losing performance with an extender. The Sigma/Tamron Lenses are a no brainer considering the price of the manufacturer's offerings. (Pro's excluded). Have a look at some of the pictures on this thread :-...
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    Tonight's Moon Pic

    Hi All, Nice crescent moon tonight. 1st time test with a D7200 - Sigma 150-600 with the TC-1401 Teleconvertor (new). Cheers, Dougie.
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    if you could only have 3 lenses.

    Sigma 150-600mm C Nikon 24-40mm f2.8 Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 Love all these big time. Dougie.
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    Used camera & lens website

    Looks very useful Dan. Cheers, Dougie.
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    Portrait enhancements - worth doing?

    Hi Gil, I use PortraitPro Studio by Anthropics Technology. Here's recent pic of my girlfriend in the garden. Took about 2 minutes to process this. You can download a free trial. I love it for quick enhancements. Dougie. p.s. She wanted the make up slapped on lol Before :- Lockdown-Sun-PrePP...
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    Sky-Watcher sk-avant-102 m retroreflecting Telescope worth it ???

    Thanks both, I'm going to give them a phone tomorrow. It's my girlfriend that wants a telescope but we want to use my cameras on it as well. Cheers, Dougie.
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    Sky-Watcher sk-avant-102 m retroreflecting Telescope worth it ???

    Hi All, Looking for some advice as to whether this is a decent telescope for a relative beginner to astrophotography. Could do with some advice on attaching a DSLR etc. If this one is no good, can you suggest something better up to £350. Many Thanks, Dougie. Amazon Link to above telescope...
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    Trying to bring out the warm light?

    Hi Si, I just used one of my Lightroom presets then fine tuned. After that I ran it through Topaz AI Sharpener on stabilise mode. Dougie.
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    only 1 lens, what would it be

    That's a good shout Bob. Seen a few in the forum for sale and been tempted at times. Have these focal lengths covered with quality Nikon lenses. Be useful when my girlfriend helps me out occasionally as second shooter on another body (D7200 or D700). Cheers, Dougie.
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    only 1 lens, what would it be

    Does he use Lightroom ?. Easy enough to use the filter. Soon tell him what his most used focal length is. Cheers, Dougie. p.s. I have that lens also and would not be getting rid. Excellent for so many different purposes.
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    Trying to bring out the warm light?

    Had a go at this. Could do with a higher res pic to be honest. Original looks really soft to me ? test1 by Dougie Lindsay, on Flickr
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    i Mac Virus protection pack ?

    Sophos Anti-Virus is free for personal use on the Mac. This is a decent AV client.
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    eBay buyer requesting lens return

    Why anyone ever uses that site is beyond me. Dougie.
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    Nice Day Down by the River

    I had a very cooperative heron down by the local river. Managed to get riverside, around 20 shots of it quite close. D750-Sigma 150-600mm. Cheers, Dougie. You can see them all here :-