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    Emley Moor television mast

    Once upon a time I went up that tower to the equipment room. The view from it is quite something. I remember being at the Three Acres car park, my car key wouldn’t open the car door remotely! I had to go in to full manual and insert the key in the lock [emoji87][emoji86][emoji85] PS. I was...
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    Hairy caterpillars are bloody fast!

    You did very well with these two Paul. No doubt once you’ve fully trained the hairy thing it will stay still long enough for you to make images to your liking [emoji6]
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    Big spider

    Excellent series Paul, you’ve certainly got the hang of this macro photography. BTW I think her mother resides in my greenhouse Paul. But I’ve never been brave enough to point a camera towards her [emoji6]
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    Osprey webcam - Loch Arkaig

    Thanks for posting the link. When it took off, one of the two remaining chicks looked up as much as to say “where did he/she go”
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    North England Yorkshire Dales?

    You don’t mention where your staying or for how long? It may help people to give more precise suggestions. The Dales are all beautiful with plenty of photography opportunities. Just be aware that the roads are narrow even those designated as “A” roads so allow plenty of time for the journeys...
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    Tick bite. Should i be worried?

    Having been through a similar experience my only advice is that IF you are prescribed the antibiotic treatment for a tick bite be aware of the side effects of the drug ( take note of the patient notes, that bit of paper in the pack that is usually ignored) I speak from personal experience, the...
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    3 Miles of macro;s (Eleven images)

    Excellent set of images Paul, well taken.
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    Very nice, well done [emoji106]
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    Saltburn Sunset

    Nice set Jason, you’ve captured it very well [emoji106]
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    Need to improve...

    Knowing how tiny greenfly are, I would be extremely pleased if I had managed to get an image like this. Well taken Paul
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    Look what I found under the bed ! (vintage digital)

    The mast was for analogue Television Transmission. The replacement was built at a different site
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    Nice to see you posting again Paul, I was wondering where you were. Take care Paul. Now I wonder where Mr Davies has gone
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    photographing garden birds

    In addition to the manual focus suggestions one other thing you may like to consider using autofocus. Rather than limiting your choice of AF points to the centre/group is to activate all of them. As in reality the only thing that’ll be “moving” through your view is the subject you want to capture.
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    photographing garden birds

    Sorry Jason I can’t help with the focus question, but your blue tit looks like a great tit to me
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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    Same for me