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    New here and looking for some guidance....

    Jenny, I'm not trying to put you off purchasing a printer for your husband. However printing your own images sounds simple but it is a whole new area of learning for your husband. It may be better to consider using a commercial print company for the small amount of printing that you're...
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    Mounting Company Reccomendations

    I’ve used this company for prints, not for mounted prints though. But they do have mounted options.
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    Scotland Scotland 500 suggestions, please

    I read your post Glenn and remembered this. I personally prefer Smidge as a repellent
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    Stopping cats from using the garden

    That’s the device I made reference to in my post above
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    Stopping cats from using the garden

    I have a device that connects to a hose pipe. When it senses movement the device sprays water. Not sure if works on animals but it certainly scared our window cleaner [emoji2960]
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    Shuttleworth Military Pageant

    Well captured series, they do put on a good show at Old Warden.
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    Harris croft.....

    Having been there I can appreciate the surrounding elements you were excluding. From memory your shooting position required you to have the camera tilted up which has given you the issue with the position of the subject in the frame and the converging verticals. I have images of this but not...
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    Harmby and Wensley waterfalls

    Nice work Jason [emoji106]
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    Selling copies of commissioned images

    Having just read section 85, I wonder how (if at all) this would impact on a home owner commissioning images via an estate agent of a property the home owner wishes to sell?
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    htaccess expert needed

    I’ve just clicked (using an iPhone)the link you posted and see a page of images
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    Wex used item description

    I once purchased a Canon 16-35f4 (new) from them. It was delivered and then a couple of days later I received two more! They were quite surprised when I rang them to advise them of the second delivery.
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    Lake Hawea, New Zealand

    I remember stopping at that spot in 2017, when travelling to Wanaka from Fox Glacier. New Zealand is a landscape photographers dream. Thanks for remind me of a great trip.
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    Scotland Harris, Jura or Islay?

    Harris and Lewis are a photographers dream. In a previous response a mention was made of Callanis Standing Stones if you decide to visit there make time to have a look at another nearby place “Dun Calloway Broch” IMO its well worth a visit if you’re interested in landscape photography. The link...
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    with chips please

    Scabbard Fish? , if so it’s usually served with banana on the Island of Madeira. But I’m sure it would work well with chips [emoji6]