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    Creise And The Cauldron.

    As per Insta, been waiting on this one since I seen your Facebook post. It's superb, even better on my Mac than small on Insta. Superb.
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    Mid range electric underfloor heating.

    Ours were wired back to the RCD as the customer wanted to keep the controls away from customers using the pods (no idea why) so it was just all hardwired into the utility box on the back of the pod.
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    Mid range electric underfloor heating.

    I built 6.6m x 3.3m pods and the underfloor heating was the only source of heat in the entire pod other than a heated towel rail, and these were going up to the top of Scotland, and we never had any issues. I couldn't tell you the cost of running it all the time however.
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    Mid range electric underfloor heating.

    I used to use this kit in the top of the line camping pods I used to build, it's good stuff...
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    Roofing materials

    Is it a pitched or flat roof? From memory (we used them on the lodges I used to build), the Bitmet or Metrotile tiles like in your link above need a pitch of 10 degrees or more otherwise water can back up on them and leak... EDIT. Of course if it's just one sheet rather than the tiles, there...
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    How to closely examine a photograph

    That's fair enough, I could have worded my initial post better. However, if someone is surprised at the news agencies giving false impressions or "fake news", then I think that says more about them than the agencies. It's what they've done for years, because good news doesn't sell nothing.
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    How to closely examine a photograph

    There is nothing on that tweet about the folk being close together other than the photo taken on a long lens. The tweet is about the litter and human waste left behind. No misinterpretation in that particular post.
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    How to closely examine a photograph

    I think you're getting too caught up on the image. The people were there in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Wether it's been compressed by using a telephoto lens or not is by the by. It isn't fake news, it's right in front of your eyes to see, as was all the s*** they left behind. That's...
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    LPOTY 2020

    I had 6 shor/longlisted and have an image/s through to the next round....a nice email after a crappy couple of weeks!
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    Kase Filters

    Graham if you want to drop me a DM with what you're after, I can sort something out for you if you buy direct through me. (I'm an official Kase reseller)
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    Building skies in a flat land

    Lovely set Toni, number 7 being the pick of the bunch for me, it draws me in with that foreboding sky and the light on the hedgerow and field through the gap. Lovely.
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    Sunset at the poppy field

    Thank you folks, appreciated. First Flickr Explore in years too, not that it means much, but still nice :)
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    Sunset at the poppy field

    An image taken a few days over 2 years ago, processed last's amazing what you don't process at the time then forget about when you process "the shot" at the time.... The Poppies by Martin Steele, on Flickr
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    Breakdown Cover

    I use Eversure breakdown. Had to use it for the first time at the end of Feb. when the car shat itself up on Skye. Brilliant service, car couldn't be repaired on Skye, so recovered home the following day. £42 for the year. Cheaper than the fuel it would have cost to get me home! Sadly this...
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    More local trees...

    Thanks guys :)