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    Cannon DSLR Help please

    You certainly can and also adjust contrast, brightness etc in camera. The viewfinder though does of course stay in colour. The settings in the camera will be applied to both jpg and raw outputs, but the colour info is only thrown away with the jpg, it is recoverable within the raw file.
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    Dawlish Warren

    Nice shot, really like the broody sky. Nod's right, the goynes at the warren have all been repaired/replaced in the last few years after most were destroyed by the storms in early 2014. The sand has also been brought back from the sandbank that formed about half a mile offshore. For more...
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    Ah yeah, thats the camera not the lens, though it's never going to be a lightning fast lens to focus, the performance on the DPAF camera's (M5/6/50/100) is like night and day in comparison. Having said that the 22mm is still normally kept mounted on my original M too :)
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    Should work great in that scenario, even if I had to pay full retail for a replacement if mine broke, I would willingly it is that versatile, wouldn't want to be without one.
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    Astro - wide field/landscape foregrounds

    Interesting article Wayne and confirms my own thoughts that lower power lights look more natural, might have to give LED panels a go. My preferred tool to date is a cheap halogen torch with a zoom beam (£3 from ebay) which for the most part has worked well zoomed out to give a feathered beam and...
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    Unless it was really really cheap wouldn't even consider the M3. The introduction of the DPAF sensors changed the abilities of the M series completely, so much more responsive in all ways, not just the AF speed. If you want to enter on a tight budget the M100 is a far better option IMHO.
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    Cheap low level camera stand? (not nesecerily a tripod)

    Your description sounds a bit like this
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    Cobbolds Point, Felixstowe

    Crackin shot, really like this.
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    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    They are already available, just need to add them on the front of the EF to R adapter and away you go. Only the Canon FD mount lenses are not catered for yet.
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    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    First leaked pics of the new RP
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    Another vote for the 22mm, suits my uses perfectly.
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    The Mosquito flies again :)

    That was a joy to watch, brought back childhood memories of seeing them still being used as target tugs before they were replaced by Meteors.
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    I don't think anybody produces a chipped version of the LP-E17 yet, so if using third party batteries you will also need a charger I'm afraid. Hope someone can correct me if wrong?
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    LOL, have you checked your avatar lately;)
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    Photographing lamp posts

    I think you are going to struggle without taking full manual control and additional lighting due to the huge dynamic range of the subject, but there might be ways to get closer to what you want. Not used a G7X but has been on my radar for a while so have a little knowledge. It does seem to have...