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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    No idea I'm afraid.
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    The latest version EF-S 55-250mm f4-5.6 IS STM is very good and great value for money, the earlier ones are not so good though.
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    Clarity needed - shooting star?

    Very difficult to tell from your low resolution images, but from what can be seen my money would be on a satellite as it appears to be far too slow for a meteor. If you zoom in on your original images it should be clearer as the light patterns in general are quite different for both. A meteor is...
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    What are all you landscapers doing now?

    Very enjoyable, almost as good as being there, thank you.
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    South-West England Welcome to Devon

    LOL love it, can we get some put up on the M5 please :p
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    Beginner Which are the sweet spot DSLR's under £100 s/hand?

    It has been possible to do that with any Canon camera with an EF/EFS mount since it was introduced, so it is far from unique to the Sony A7. One of the few limitations is Pentax K mount lenses which protrude too far into the Canon full frame models as it obstructs the mirror, fine with all...
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    South-West England Dartmoor Discussions

    It's neither I'm afraid, that is Kennick Teservoir :giggle: The one you look down on from the dam at Kennick is Tottiford and Trenchford is further down the valley again. They are all worth visiting but Kennick is probably the most photogenic and for those with mobility problems provides plenty...
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    DIY hacks/tips

    Not really needed, though it is advisable to shield the sun hitting the face of the filters (as with any filter system) as direct sunlight can get in behind the welding glass to cause a light leak. It's not really any different to using a conventional filter holder with high density ND filters...
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    DIY hacks/tips

    A bit more versatile than elastic bands with the welding glass is to use spring clips and a filter holder mount ring. If you look closely there is also a graduated ND filter in use here aswell. Welding%20Glass%20fitment%20by%20Steve%20Bennett,%20on%20Flickr']Welding Glass fitment by Steve...
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    Very nice shot Neil, not normally that keen on swirly water, but it works very well in this one.
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    Couple of points. Firstly you dont need to get a genuine Canon adapter, The Meike version for example is just as good and costs between £20 and £25. Secondly, the info that the M6 mk2 is replacing the M5 all stems from one comment by a Canon USA representative at the M6 mk2 launch in the US. It...
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    Yes that sounds like you are adjusting it via the touchscreen while carrying it around. Turning off the touchscreen should prove the case and if so another option is to cycle through the screens using the info button until you get to the one with no icons, then just hit the "Q" button when you...
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    Hartland Quay

    Time well spent, very good shots of a fantastic location. The first captures the character of the place the best for me. There is a carpark there but it is not that big and can get full pretty early at this time of year.
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    Cannon DSLR Help please

    You certainly can and also adjust contrast, brightness etc in camera. The viewfinder though does of course stay in colour. The settings in the camera will be applied to both jpg and raw outputs, but the colour info is only thrown away with the jpg, it is recoverable within the raw file.
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    Dawlish Warren

    Nice shot, really like the broody sky. Nod's right, the goynes at the warren have all been repaired/replaced in the last few years after most were destroyed by the storms in early 2014. The sand has also been brought back from the sandbank that formed about half a mile offshore. For more...