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    Birmingham cars could be banned from driving through city centre

    That's interesting. Perhaps it is somewhat less nonsensical than I had assumed.
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    Birmingham cars could be banned from driving through city centre

    That's the Fortune Of War roundabout on the A127 at Laindon, isn't it? God, I hate that. The most stupid thing I've ever seen. If anybody else is curious - here it is on Google Maps:,0.4246272,223m/data=!3m1!1e3
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    Looking for advice on avoiding Android obsolescence

    I have a nifty Android tablet with a detachable keyboard. Unfortunately the manufacturer stopped supporting it a few years ago and the version of Android which it's running is really quite ancient. So ancient that some new apps - including one new app that I really, really want to use - just...
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    There was a young man from Cork who got limericks And haikus confused.
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    Setting image size

    This is an absolutely excellent response. Everything you need to know, nothing you don't need to know, and nothing that's not true.
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    Nikon autofocus not working after trying second-hand lens

    Gosh, there's so much confusion and misinformation in this thread. @Softshoe, have you made any progress with this? The people in the contact centre were right. It's not possible. To be honest, this looks like "user error", because there are multiple cameras and multiple lenses involved here...
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    The Space and Astronomy Thread

    Not necessarily. That depends on the overall density of the universe. Trouble is, this new result on supernovae is so fundamental, it's really hard to know which bits of modern astrophysics would survive if it were true, and which wouldn't. I mean, for example, if the supernovae result is...
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    The Space and Astronomy Thread

    Yes, I think so. No idea!
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    The Space and Astronomy Thread

    Crikey. Obviously it's early days, but that new study does look persuasive. The discoverers of the (alleged, I guess we might now say) accelerating expansion of the universe shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2011. Is there a protocol regarding what happens if/when the award turns out to...
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    The Space and Astronomy Thread

    Has everyone seen the latest update from NASA about the Artemis project? It's tremendously exciting. 2020 - first uncrewed test flight 2022 - first crewed test flight 2024 - moon landing (and more each year) 2028 - establishment of sustainable lunar exploration 20?? - Mars...
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    IBM have just saved the planet

    ... or at least, that's what it sounds like to me. TL, DR: IBM Research has discovered a chemistry for a new battery which does not use heavy metals or other substances with sourcing concerns. The materials for this battery...
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    Where are all the files?

    Thanks. Problem solved. Treesize showed the Windows folder as 28GB, not 9GB. The 19GB which I hadn't been able to see with Windows Explorer was the 'winsxs' folder which apparently stores old versions of Windows components that have been updated. Windows 8 and 10 delete these automatically...
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    Where are all the files?

    Yeah. I had been trying to run it from the Win+R prompt, or at least find it from the Start Menu search box, but I've discovered that in both situations typing "diskmgmt" doesn't help Windows find the utility. You have to type "diskmgmt.msc" in full. Nice one, Microsoft! But anyway: one...
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    Where are all the files?

    Will do, after I get back from the family visiting experience, assuming I haven't gone mad by then.