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    Recent Aviation

    love the classic jet shots
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    North Weald Spring/Summer 2019

    Great shots of superb aircraft.
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    Daks Over Shuttleworth

    lovely pictures but number 2 is a cracker.
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    Male and Female Pied Flycatcher

    Love these birds. Great photos.
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    house Martin rather confiding

    Stunning birds and great pictures.
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    F15-E mach loop office shot

    Amazingly sharp image.
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    Hurricane and Sea Fury T20 @ Duxford

    Lovely. Sea Fury seems to be smoking, is that normal from the P&W engine?
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    Cheapest place for genuine EN-EL15a
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    MPB.COM my first experience not that great.

    Used to use MPB quite a bit. However, last few occasions completely ruined by DPD's inept delivery. Lenses gone to wrong house and delivery not even attempted.
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    Tell me about RIAT...

    I usually only go to the Monday departures at Park and View West. Nikon 200-500 ideal plus a wide angle for the items that taxi past straight in front of you.
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    Anyone use Plusnet for broad and ?

    I use Plusnet and have for about 9 years. Decent service plus I get cheaper deals on Plusnet mobile sim only.
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    Stoke On Trent Waxwing

    Lovely. Wonder if we'll get another influx of these in the upcoming months?
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    Nikon D7xxx owners thread

    Yep, great camera. Having issues with 18-105 on it though. May try out the fine tuning. Upgrading to D7200 but keeping 7000 as back up.
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    Need to buy spare battery EN-EL15A- where?

    If you're willing to go for 2nd hand there's usually a few genuine ones on MPB