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    It works anywhere in the world. Emergency services understand it. it can be used by anyone at any time. what is not to like. It adds no more privacy issues than already exist on your phone.
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    Getty Images called out for hosting controversial images in its library

    Of course there is such a thing As "Child Prostitution" It is not legal but it exists, and always has. Samuel Pypes in his diary recounts his transactions with them on London Bridge. In that time it was perfect legal and considered more "Safe" To day it is illegal in most countries but is still...
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    Getty Images called out for hosting controversial images in its library

    Getty have swept up vast collections of images. it would be inconceivable if they did not include many thousands that might be considered unacceptable or illegal today. .As an important historical collection it would be entirely appropriate to keep them for future academic study. or perhaps...
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    Anyone else interested in the New Topographic Movement?

    Virtually the whole of the land mass of the UK is man made and altered to serve his needs. Every Age has played its part in scaping what we have to day. Time and dust from space and erosion covers up one age from the next in an endless process The early industrial heritage of the mid 1700's is...
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    From a Fuji X10 to a...?

    why not continue to use the X10 if it is still working. it is a very capable camera.. I have the X10,X20 X30 and of those the X30 is the nicest to use. I also have the xE2 and An X T30. the XT30 creates the finest image but is larger and heavier than the others. My X30 is my walkabout camera.
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    Anyone else interested in the New Topographic Movement?

    I managed to watch over half that vidio. Do I get a prize? I would suggest he has spent a great deal of effort and many years producing fundamentally uninteresting photographs. Most of us can do that with out any effort at all.
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    The Bothy At The Buachaille.

    more realistic with the rain.
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    Panorama this evening-China/Covid

    If he bans TikToK in the US. there are going to be millions of exceptionally disgruntled people in the USA. I would not bet on his chances to even walk across a road in one piece.
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    shooting in RAW.

    To day shooting raw gives all the advantages of shooting Jpegs, with all the flexibility of raw immediately to hand. Most raw processors read and apply all the camera settings saved in the raw file, and incorporate them in the initial preview that comes up when you open the file. So that the...
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    Falling for the Pentacon Six

    It was a too high maintenance camera when new. It will be far worse now. And very few repairers would take it on. Not worth the trouble. There are far better medium format options. Most are bladed shutters and mostly fixable. Any Rollie tlr is a safer bet. As are most other tlrs If you want...
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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    we imported infected people in to our care homes where the most vulnerable people live.. and with out testing or PPE. France did not.
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    Why do people love the Holga so much ?

    I do not understand the appeal at all. however each to their own. I would resent paying good money to guarantee poor quality. you could get equivalent results by mounting any simple meniscus lens onto an X T4 using a cardboard loo roll tube and carved out body cap..
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    Panorama this evening-China/Covid

    Exactly ...getting to the truth about anything take a great deal of effort... the easier a "fact" is to find the less likely it is to be other than opinion dressed as fact. Though even opinion can be very useful to understanding, as it is opinion that drive politics. facts always need to be...
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    Panorama this evening-China/Covid

    This is of course the problem, people's perceptions. Many of us have lived in the UK most or all of our lives. However we have entirely different perceptions of our politics and relative ease of living, our attitude to the police and per haps views on parliament the law and the EU.. We all...
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    Panorama this evening-China/Covid

    Did you know a high proportion of the money for the Road and Belt has been raised in Dollars on the American investment markets. Why use your own money when you can use someone else's? and it could make it rather difficult for those American investors if the USA was to try to interfere. such...