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    Let's see your amusing sign shots

    Good for the complexion apparently.
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    Just been going through some old images I shot on a trip through Asia. This one stood out to me. Taken in Vietnam on a trek through the Sapa region I believe.
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    Thanks for the feedback Geof.
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    Had another tinker with this, bringing up the shadows and cropping out the foreground.
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    Milton Sands Rock Arch

    Happened upon this lovely place on a day trip in Devon.
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    Moody overcast day

    Hello. I haven't posted anything in a while. I haven't taken a picture for some time now as it happens. Must change that soon. In the meantime I have been going through some of my old pics and found this one I took last year on a trip out in New Zealand on a non descript beach on the east coast...
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    Why fanx. :)
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    Strange talk on the street

    Thanks Kodiak.
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    Cheers y'all. Had another go, this time without the heavy vignetting. Lost a bit of the colour cast as well.