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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Week 20 : OLD and Technique ( MONO) This is really called 'French Girls Discover Camden'. I slipped it in to 'OLD' because it's an old photograph of mine, taken on a Camera Club outing to Camden Market in 2017. It was taken on the canal towpath. The garage door behind was completely...
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Yes, got lots of them from all different angles..... I liked the anonymity of this one from the back though.
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    Extending router signal

    We had this problem, with the wifi main point at the opposite corner of the house to the main computer, which was also upstairs. We got a wifi extender from Argos for about £20. We set it up following the easy instructions, & plugged it in at a point underneath the main PC, and it works really well.
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Week 19 : Colourful Bambi dressed in her finest for the (local & socially distant ) VE celebrations. Sorry about the orange collection bucket....
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Thanks for your kind comments. I wasn’t sure about the white area; I could see a judge rambling on about highlights...[emoji849]
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Week 18: Anything to do with Music : 'Pluck' Taken at my local pub, during it's Music (Beer) Festival last summer. Happy Days...
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    The background was white, I think the pinkness is reflected light off the tomatoes. [emoji848]
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Week 17 : More Than One of a Thing : Tomate de Boeuf An archive shot from Monflanquin in France, taken during a holiday there. I was really taken with the the shape and vibrancy of these beef tomatoes on the local market.
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    The personal cost of Covid-19

    Thinking of you and you family at this difficult time.
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    Sir Tom Moore

    Thats a good idea. Why don’t you write to the palace and suggest it. Using those words. Let us know how it goes.
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    App (iOS) No notifications on app

    I have only just stumbled across this thread, but I also have issues from time to time , with the app on my phone and ipad. Sometimes the notifications come in, and sometimes not. I have been through their settings and it’s all set to push, but it just doesn’t always come through. It therefore...