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    Are inkjet photo printers any good?

    I'm a camera club member using an Epson P600. Results are excellent. I see other members' prints from Canon printers and commercial print shops - it's impossible to tell which is which. I print at home for personal satisfaction. I can say "I took it, I processed it, I printed it, I mounted it -...
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    Wild Owl photo request please

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    Bulk roll and home loading

    This is bringing back memories of the Shirley Wellard re-usable cassette.
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    Monitor Calibration with £0 budget?

    I checked with Color Confidence when we purchased a ColorMunki Photo for our Club. They were perfectly happy for the Club to own the device and lend it to members. Their view was "you've paid for the hardware"
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    Storage bottles

    I don't think fixer or stop bath (if you use it) deteriorate when exposed to air - so any bottle is OK for storage. I used to use glass bottles for storing developer. Air space was minimised by filling up with glass marbles.
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    Best glass on D7200

    Nikon's 14-24 and Sigma's 12-24 are very expensive. The reason for this is that they are ultra-wides designed with a full frame image circle difficult, and expensive, to engineer If you intend, at some time, to move to a full-frame body, all well and good. If not, their optical performance is...
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    Best glass on D7200

    As Sootchucker says, you can use a full frame 14-24 on a crop frame Nikon. However, many landscape photographers like to use shorter focal lengths - say 16mm, or so, full frame equivalent. I'd suggest you consider something like a 10-20 zoom. Sigma's f3.5 version works well, and Nikon have an...
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    Using Acetic Acid to make stop bath

    Whilst I agree with Andrew about exposing prints so that you can develop to extinction (this is always the way to get best gradation), the stop bath also neutralises the alkali developer and, hence, extend the life and effectiveness of the fixer.
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    Great service from Wex (again)

    After buying a tripod at wex in Norwich a few years ago all my subsequent purchases have been from them. That first experience was so good that I'm now happy to drive 2 hours to their store where I can handle the equipment before buying without being put under pressure. Friendly, helpful...
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    posting in desperation shutter speeds

    The internationally recognised sign for seconds is ". I don't know about other manufacturers but on my Nikons this is used eg: 5" = 5 seconds If there is no sign after the number, eg 5, it is the reciprocal of the number - in this case 1/5 seconds BTW I've just checked, and Sony uses the same...
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    Is mirrorless the way forward?

    I thought Sony made the sensors for Fuji, Hasselblad, and Phase One medium format cameras - maybe I'm wrong
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    Internal door lock
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    Great service from Carmarthen Cameras

    Lost the battery cover from my D800 Went to eBay and found Carmarthen Cameras offering "genuine" replacement. Not the cheapest, but a UK source. Ordered one, which arrived 2 days later - post free. Unfortunately it was faulty. Dismantling it revealed that the plastic "spring" was broken. Phoned...
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    Nikon D500

    Depends what your 1st camera is.
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    Talk to me about getting sensible colours from a printer

    Well said, Phil. That just about sums it up.