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    Think Tank Airport Accelerator bag? (Thoughts)

    Sorry Chris I haven't got it yet as i don't need it till April i have had a good look at one in LCE and they was happy to put the cameras and lenses from their display in the bag for me to check it out was v happy with it so i will be getting one.
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    Campervan - The new "must have" piece of equipment ?

    Sorry to side track a little, we bought a camper a few months ago and we are now looking at fitting a cat 6 tracker and wanted to ask if anyone had any recommendations. The wife gets a bit paranoid when I’m away so she would want to live track my position from home Is this possible?
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    Northumberland this morning

    No 1 for me, good to know the scaffold is down as we will be there next week.
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    The Tree sunrise...

    Number 2 for me but both are up there, any chance of sharing the location as I'm up north in a few weeks and still looking for a few more tree for my ARPS
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    Charging batteries in campervan

    Looking at getting a campervan and I don’t intend to use camp sites so will be unable to hook up the mains and I was wondering about the options with charging the laptop and camera batteries ect from the vans 12v system. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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    Flying with cameras in hold luggage.

    Cheers Robin flying virgin with 10kg weight
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    Flying with cameras in hold luggage.

    Could I ask what lowepro it is and do you know the weight with your stuff in? need to take the same set up next year but a 200_400mm f/4 instead of the 500mm.
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    Think Tank Airport Accelerator bag? (Thoughts)

    Thank you Raymondo, Yes I was looking at the Airport Advantage bag as I was thinking the same thing why carry it. Can I ask which bag you have and the true weight when empty?
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    Think Tank Airport Accelerator bag? (Thoughts)

    Has anyone had any experience with the Think Tank Airport Accelerator bag as I’m Looking at getting one for a safari next year? Needs to fit carry on size of 23x36x56cm and hold Canon 1dx mk2 / 5d mk3. Canon EF 200-400 f/4 IS USM Extender 1.4x. Canon 70-200 f2.8 Which with the bag weight...
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    Remember me?!

    Welcome back Andy, Long time no see, What you selling :LOL::LOL:
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    Disappointing First Sales Interaction with Fotospeed

    Marrutt do some great 2 for 1 offers as well, not always the papers advertised is the one you want but if you phone then they have always done the deal for me.
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    Folders appearing in drive "D" and desktop

    Think I’m sorted Moved the folders Downloads/Documents/Pictures back to their default location, found the desktop folder in the windows C drive / Users, and clicked default location even though it was saying the location was the the C drive. Looks like everything is where its suppose to be and...
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    Folders appearing in drive "D" and desktop

    Hi Tony thanks for that but I don’t have a desktop folder (First time I have noticed that) I looks like somewhere along the line my desktop folder has gone missing as I don’t have a desktop folder in file explorer, the D drive is now appears to be this pc which would explain why everything is...
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